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I’ve been trying to come to terms with some sort of farewell. A goodbye to my familiar environment, my used-to coffee places, my preferred supermarkets, my favourite bakery. It wasn’t exactly planned. At first leaving Paris seemed like a good move financially. A break from the city…

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Countryside life

Life has been slow by the country side. I can't even get to the super mart as swiftly as before as tourists flock the roads. Lots of outsiders are coming in to my town to enjoy fine sand and chill waters. I took some time to join free activities by the beach too despite my lack of skills in the water. However I've gained a dozen of weird-ass looking tan lines on my back.

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See you, Paris!

I managed to finally picnic by the Seine! It was actually my first time. Thank Heavens for being so nice to me with the perfect chill weather. Yup, 5 years in Paris, I've never had a picnic by the Seine. So two lovely friends decided to do a last minute picnic together.

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