Yeeeeeha! FREE!


it's the enddd of my internship. i literally had a mini-celebration earlier on the 13 july; and a harry potter hang out with isabelle. since both of us are the only ones who are still working that moment. a couple of rants, internship; thinking twice again, i mean real seriously. i haven't really learn much in fact. i got a new prove that sometimes i design without thinking. LOL well, i know that can happen. my understanding towards jQuery improved by erm- 5%? nothing much in fact, things i already know. the only thing to it was experiencing real projects, irritating clients that absolutely want to keep their horrible ideas.... the saddeest part would be not being paid. 6 weeks of free labour. what law is this in France? free labour from students? this law should be removed immediately!

< ! --- Harry Potter Spoiler Alert --- ! >

watching the last harry potter. i'm somehow left with a hole TT_TT because i practically grew up with harry potter. it's so weird now that i know the films' ended, and i won't be able to look forward to it anymore :( it'd be nice if they did a drama version. showing every details. but it'd be impossible. deathly hallows lacked a lot of details. they chopped off many parts. basically about the battles. i mean, we didn't even see how fred/remus/tonks died! that aside, i cried pretty much ;X I already expected that before entering the cinema. especially the part where Harry visit Snape's memory. When Snape found out that Voldemort had killed the Potters. Goodness, even recalling the scenes inside my head would start to make me teary TT_TT And the part where Harry decides to die, when the spirits of his loved ones appear. TT_TT When the dvd is out, i'd definitely get the "part 7"

alright, besides that, check out the day YADA

1h30mins of lunch break that day; Went to FUFU ;D Japanese ramen store; crowded as always. Expensive but delicious home-made ramen. -.- Geez, i'm hungry already. that's what you get for having 2 tiny pieces of belgium waffles for dinner! afternoon was pretty hard. getting distracted, etc- Waiting for 6pm everyday. Staring at my twitter app whenever Zhenfu or Eunice says "pang kang" LOL

Isabelle's Mine ;3 Hadn't much luck that day. By some weirdo law- Haagen-Dazs had already stopped serving at 7.30pm! So you had to go inside to order, and then- you get paper plates -.- Kinda spoils the whole thing. But on another hand. I managed to use my points in my Haagen Dazs club card. The lady said "Ohh; you can get ANYTHING you want" LOOOL; and my remaining points can still allow me to have ANYthing in the shop for FREE :D

Time to update my expenditures/agenda for the day- tsk tsk; i spent soo much on food during this 6weeks overall! Isabelle's had so much luck with her company that she even have restaurant tickets and SALARY! Restaurant ticket's worth 8euros! So she basically can eat in any restaurant almost free. So we left- and decided to go to Mirrior d'eau and play with my awesome EOS 60D

I suggested jump shots, but erm- it was kinda embarrassing, cuz end up everyone look at us ;X Somehow my tummy is exposed.

:D Testing different settings to get it right for the water splashes, i loveeee this one, because it somehow takes the shape of isabelle's skirt :)

Obviously we had to play with my newww and pretty head accessory. HAHA; my headphones :D mega awesome :D

I know i'm damn slow, but i'm still editing and picking out SM Town Paris' photos. I'm very late on updates! *sorry!*