Winter Wonderland


The Real chill— 

It was a pleasant surprise to wake up to a white wonderland Paris. It was probably some 6-10cm of snowfall throughout the night for the snow to last a couple of days. I was out on my way to meet someone for a project, and found out that bus services were cancelled for the day. I had to walk all the way, worried-sick about getting myself to the location without breaking a nose or ankle. Of course, after multiple slippery sensations along the way. I was so glad to reach my meeting point, a fun café filled with warmth and delicious smells. 

Some 3 hours later, I came out smelling like bacon and tried to make my way home. I found a small refuge at an empty bus stop to take a break (・∧‐)ゞ A break from that slipping sensation with every step I took.  Noted that I never have the right pair of shoes for the right occasion. But at that moment, I don't think I had any other pair of shoes that were slip-proof. 

I also took the chance to grab the camera (≧▽≦) but my iPhone quickly died on me. The cold temperature simply froze the phone and depleted the battery. I was so glad to have my Canon with me!



Don't mind my worn-to-death faux-fur coat, but it was my coat of the season ♡

Sometime later, when temperature rose, snow melted, ice puddles were formed. Chunks of ice were melting from rooftops. I was walking along the streets, and ploufff a huge chunk of ice dropped some 60cm away from me. A few tiny piece of ice flew towards my face—


It hurt like fuck. It stings like hell even 15minutes later. An hour later, I saw my reflection in the mirror while passing by Zara. And holy shit- those 2 ice "shards" actually cut my face, the cuts were bleeding... No wonder it hurt so much!

Keep calm and watch where you’re walking!
Rue Saint Honoré