Ishiyaki Sutamina Don // Pork rice with Egg Yolk in Stone Pot (argh)

Opps ;) I mentioned about getting all belated updates done, but i ended up drowning inside Diablo 3 (yes) Anyway, I have this constant craving for japanese food.. nothing like sushis or sashimis, but more on cooked food - like Shabu-shabu alike dishes or Chicken Katsu Tamago Toji... which simply don't exist within the say' 300km around my location. When I was back in Singapore, two of my old friends brought me out to Watami for their set lunch (drughappy) The set lunch was meant to for 2 person, but we were three yet there were 7 dishes to share. 4 main dishes and 3 side-dishes. Just thinking and looking at the photos already made me hungry! (whyu)

The main hotpot - Kankoku Butechige // They called this the korean-styled army hot pot

They actually called this the side dish (wtf) Chicken Katsu Tamago Toji, when clearly, it can serve as one main dish!

Tiny selection of sashimis

Of course, you can't miss out Tempuras!

Goodness, I shouldn't be blogging about food at midnight! I'm so freaking hungry now! I guess my only solution is to find some awesome recipe online and cook myself!