Vallee Village


I'm sorry that i'm away for so long! But then it's like a half excuse. I have the urge to blog, but eum- i'm no longer satisfied with this theme, it only makes me want to change theme then blog new entries! Plus just out of no where, my lightbox and some plugins decided not to work. Which totally makes me feel like blogging lesser. I figured it out, i'm too busy for a new theme, but i have my new plans. Since lightbox's back again, i'd figure that i should blog a little more. Since i'm only left with 3 weeks in Paris! Time to get some stuffs updated right? ** Picture Heavy **

2 Weeks ago, my parents came over to visit; and enjoy the Parisien sales~ Lucky me! It's quite fun to have my parents and brother to squeeze in my tiny apartment! But my brother is complaining non stop like its a waste of time -.- Woops- almost let out a secret! LOL

Anyway, my family started the 6hours car journey late! by the time they arrived Paris, it's already midnight! Excited for their arrival; as well as the first weekend of the summer sales. Tiphaine and I decided to go take a tour in boutiques along Hotel de Ville. Which unfortunately, I did not take photos of it. Shops close at 8pm! Like way too early and sun sets at 10pm~ So, we decided to try out the all famous Le Barv' right below my block! Recommended by my owner and colleagues. Because of the daily noise I get from my window, just before I went to meet up with Tiphaine, I tried to reserve 2 seats for our dinner! I definitely did the right thing. Here's my instashots ;)

Friday night, at a wine specialist, Le Barav', so why not a cup?! I seriously need to train my tolerance for alcohols! Decided to try their Vin Rosé - If i remember correctly! Then, Tiphaine and I started snapping around. Third floor, with white window panels is my apartment! ;)

The downside to Le Barav' is that they aren't exactly a restaurant, they are more like a bistro with lighter bites. Serving mainly salads or tartines. Since I was so mega hungry, salad wouldn't suffice, so I went ahead with salmon tartine! And it's actually quite full! Shared a cheesecake instead ;) Super yummy!

By the time my dinner ends, I still had time to clean up my apartment, shower, and even painting my toe nails before my parents arrive! Brought lots stuffs! Everyone settled down to sleep after unpacking! Next day for a super long day!

Headed out around 8am~ Forgot what time we reached there, but it took sometime on car~ Early morning, feels to peaceful! Morning breeze was cold though!

First stop, Ralph Lauren! Can't believe there's already so many people queuing up O.o Well, I also went queuing. But the queue lasted not even 5 minutes and the shop is open! It's quite understandable as it's the sales. But what I found in stores aren't exactly cheap either. There weren't a lot of discounts- and they kinda cheated; discounts on certain products and only specific colors. Not a fan of Polo Ralph, just simply looking if there's any good deals for a friend ;)

And the rest of the village is empty! I went to Celine to take a look out of curiosity! Outlet price still remains 1000+€

First most important store! Longchamp! They only have the previous collection in there. The prices were really interesting, so who cares if they're off season?! I got myself this model, but the bigger one. I got it for 75€ instead of 190€!! My parents swept off the last cabin luggage in the same print! Overall, very satisfied with out loots!

Michael Kors! Favorite boutique! I like almost everything in it; but unfortunately, i'm saving $$ for something else!

If ever you're going to La Vallee Village, look for Mr Snail if you wanna drop by the toilet!

In fact, the "village" is rather small. But at the end of the village, it leads you to another super huge/long shopping center! My feet was already tired ;S And feeling extremely hungry! Browse through the different restaurants available!!!

Dad's pizza! Been having too much pizza with my colleagues~

So I opt for Carbonara!

To satisfy my brother's sweet tooth! Banana and Chocolate Pizza~ Rather interesting taste!

My mother's spagetti with lamb steak!

Happy family!

The shopping center is only ground level. These decorations looks so summerish; but i can't really see if there's really a second floor or is it plainly decorations?!

For once, I can actually be of the same height as my brother!

The end!!!! I didn't have that much loots afterall! Zara didn't have what I wanted; Managed to get 3 nail polish from Kiko! I'm not sure if Kiko is international, but their nail polish is cheap! 2.50€ a bottle, highly pigmented and long lasting! I like their eye shadows too! Especially the gold one; still thinking whether i should get a green one too?! But i'm looking for something RED/ and it seems like RED isn't a color available as eye shadows?! OHH- I managed to get a crochet skirt from Pull&Bear! La Vallee Village seriously have everything!