Two Weeks

Insta Singapore
Insta Singapore

It's crazy how that it's been already a month since I came back from Singapore!

Time flies so fast when you have so much to do. I have so many stuffs to share, but I guess, loyal readers have be disappointed in my activity. In which I thought that I should show a bit of sneak peak that would be my scheduled posts. 

Two weeks back to my homeland, with Chinese New Year around, I didn't have enough time visiting and catching up with everyone. I didn't managed to eat all the food that I wanted to, which is really disappointing and depressing considering that I don't know when I'm coming back. Being away for one year and a half, I guess two weeks really isn't enough either. Plus minus the time visiting far-away-I-think-I've-met-you-once relatives, I have even less than two weeks. But maybe on the good side, I've collected my highest records of red packets 

I'm quite surprised but I've managed to spend quite a lot of time with my family too.

Ate out a lot, flatten my feet walking all over Singapore everyday. I didn't have enough of my Japanese sushi varieties nor ramen. Oh gosh, some iPpudo would do some good right now! (yes) Partied out not once but twice (thank you lovelies for being so sporting and torturing yourself over nightless sleep and off to work right after that! *_* ), singing K till my voice cracked.

Then I came back to Paris on the 8th February, being locked out of the house because we have a new lock. Life is never really boring isn't it?