TWG - 24th Aug


weee! imma continue with my outdated posts! i just have to blog about these events! in case i ever forgot myself :XAfter a luxurious night; time for high tea! LOL Jean wanted to try out their macaroons :) And ever since i went back to singapore, i noticed some TWG boutiques while touring.

their teas tastes amazing. the sweetness, the fragrances... etc; just amplifies the power of "being on holiday", LOL but then since it's called high tea, it's rather expensive. S$12 per teapot, per person.. i think that it'd be a once a month experience. And S$36 a box! I don't know how many cups/pots of tea can you make with that 1 little box, but it was way too expensive for my to splurge on -.-

Their macaroons! actually we kinda got scolded for photographing their food/interior etc, until we said that we would be eating in. -.-

Mooncakes! Festival was around the corner, i think they are those snow-skin types. Though until now, i've never tasted snow-skin (冰臂 ) mooncakes

And their pastries. I was more for their pastries instead :)

dear jean :)

dear me! LOL

their beautiful utensils!!! ;) Soo much gold ;) Everything just bling around at you...

My gourmand plate while Jean and Linmin only took 2 macaroons each! The ice cream is mad awesome!!! it has some tea taste, i think it's the maison-fait ice cream flavor with their brews! Definitely won't hesitate to go back again!

P.S I just realized, macaroons = english / macarons = french; LOL because of the auto-corrector?!

Playing with reflections again! You can't really resist that when there's three of these pots shining in front of you :) HEH!

Their service is very good too, they pay attention to every tiny detail. Maybe a bit too good; HA; especially whenever my tea is finished, when i had to pour myself, the waiter would come over and pour for me. It was quite awkward once, cuz it felt as though i couldn't do anything ;X Like some sort of misconduct or something. And after finding out that Jean's a huge macaroon lover, he offered two macaroons for us to try! HA :) Nice service overall :)