Touring Paris Part 2


:D woohoo! finally a proper release of version 10! edited till late yesterday, so i didn't want a crappy new introduction. so this time, i'm straying from the cute lines. since my contents aren't even cute at all, so i'd make it simple and elegant :) plus, it seems like my blog is loading really slow, so i've turned off the slide-out read more. click into pages for more content :D there's a slightly different layout to it! hope you enjoy it! meanwhile, i'll be continuing my belated updates!

Continuing with Clementine's visit the next day, Sunday 22 July! Champs Elysees was super crowded, it was the Tour de France. We went clubbing the night before at Wanderlust. It was mega awesome (gangnam) ;) Originally intended to wake up early to make sushis for Clementine's bento on the train back home, but we were too tired.

Couldn't resist a Haagen Dazs brunch at their Champs Elysees Terasse. I have to warn you, eating out at the Champs is seriously expensive. My usual order is a little bit less than 10€ but this time, the price doubles up because you're eating at the Champs

My ususal order

Clementine's! Thanks to my awesome loyalty, I have the VIP Haagen Dazs card to redeem almost all my points for an almost free brunch. (yes)

It was way too crowded and we weren't any Tour de France fans, so we were off to Pont de Bir Hakeim for touring :) The weather is perfect! Everyone is outdoor enjoying the sunshine!

The very clichΓ© photo =3

The whole bridge, Pont de Bir Hakeim, that's the bridge in the movie Inception (happy)

Couldn't resist my own mini photoshoot. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to pose for the camera =_= It feels kinda awkward!

Eiffel tower! Apparently, eiffel tower will be closed for maintenance, but I have no idea when!

Just touring around took a long time. We managed to get home for a tiny break before Clementine rushed out to catch her train back to Angouleme for her intern! A very wonderful weekend! =3 Though I did not mention the awesome evening previously with my boss! I've got to say best boss ever! (happy)

Till then!