Touring Paris Part 1


Wee! I know i've been really busy with my updates. Furthermore, I'm back in Singapore now which makes things even more impossible for updates! Peaceful computer times are so hard unlike when I was in France. Plus i'm flying off to Taiwan tomorrow morning!

So I'd just blog about Clementine's visit when I was still in Paris! Mind me, this happened on the 21st July and I waited till the 5th September....

Clementine reached Paris very early, I originally planned to welcome her early. But i ended up finishing my chores late, and I only woke up by her phone call. How pathetic! First stop was Zara! Falling in love with their studded leather jacket was a bad idea, but i couldn't help it. It was expensive, but i decided to splurge on it. Complicating the process by ordering it online and finally returning it. But i still managed to get it ;D At a much lower price. Followed by Galeries Lafayette, which I so stupidly FORGOT TO bring my SD CARD... it was in my macbook. So I didn't get to snap photos of the pretty city view on the 8th floor of the building.

Shopped around, drooling at all the design bags and shoes. Urgh, that's the poisonous part about living in Paris~ Then rushed off to Kim & Kim restaurant in the 12th district! If you ever are looking for an authentic korean cuisine in Paris, I highly recommend Kim & Kim (unfortunately, I don't know where is there photo of the place) Right after was China town in the 13th district to buy some ingredients for making sushis then we headed home to leave our groceries at home before going to the touristic places. And of course getting my SD CARD!

Tiphaine joined us for lunch, then she suggested to go Montmartre. But i actually had another meetup with my boss later in the evening. So i wasn't actually very fond of going all the way to the 18th district. But we made it somehow ;D

Instead of dropping at the Metro station Anvers - where it says Mont Martre, we went to another stop; to avoid climbing the stairs up. So we were walking downwards, visiting cute little houses along the way.

When you see things like that, you're on the right track. It's the famous artistic area around the corner with countless souvenir shops! A simple reminder would to compare prices in these shops if you care about saving money!

Couldn't resist testing some mini photoshoot while waiting for Tiphaine's toilet break ;D I think it could have been better, but thank you clementine for the shot!

There you go, the arty square!

By walking downwards, we actually made a tour from the back of the sacre coeur. As usual, there's lots of tourists visiting the place. I do recommend to be in flats. I was wearing wedges, so walking down hill was kind of difficult ;S *** Lesson learned!

The last street down towards the Metro station!