omo! i think i'm turning into some sort of food blogger! LOL; continuing with my updates, WARNING!! Lotsa delicious food shots coming up. So, i'd suggest you to have your stomach full before reading! if your stomach starts grumbling... it's not my fault, i've already warned you! HAHAHA oh, of cuz, it's gonna be picture heavy!

one of my usual first class hotel when i go back to singapore is linmin's house!!!! LOL seems like every time i go back, i will no doubt spend a day or two at her house... this trip i spent more days; LOOL her little brother was kinda excited about me going over, but the moment i'm there, he seems to be satisfied about asking me to leave TT_TT

I think because when linmin & jean came over to my house, dad took all of us out to eat good food, maybe not that perfect- just to enjoy, so this time, linmin's parents want to bring me out too! THANK YOU UNCLE AND AUNTY :D hehehe... i only regretted not tell them in a more proper way instead of my card!

teppanyaki restaurant near jurong bird park! i went there when i was like 7 years old or something... this is my second time there after so many years!!! i'm too young to remember all the details~~~ but everything still looked the same!

my half dead face. cuz erm- the day before, went out clubbing- messy planning so erm- i slept for like 2hours....

When we first settled down, the chief was already cooking fried rice... but heh- that's not our share...

and it smells awesome with all the garlic!

there's mine :) yummy food!

this shot was pathetic.. ~_~ and it was linmin who got it, that meat wasn't even our order =_= Someone's steak or something... the fire was super huge.. but the time to on the camera and get a nice shot... the whole process was practically over :X

teriyaki chicken ;)

huge prawns!

what's left on my plate! the serving looks small, but as you eat.. somehow you'd get full rather fast! had to squeeze them into my stomach ^-^

The kiddies! Moved to another side for deserts!

after a hugeee meal, jonathan suggested that we should exercise and walk up the "tower" to take a look at our singapore~ ha,

My fail shot panorama.... moved a bit too much to fix all the images together correctly! heh!