taiwan summary


Oh yeah, i kinda give up making a single post for each day in taiwan, so the last two days are being summed up together. These two days don't have major visits so it'd be a massive post of over 20 photos. So there's still a warning to picture heavy page! After my long absence, it's time to get things back on track again (hard)

Forth day - visiting Longshan Shi. It's still the same freaking hot and sweaty weather... No more blasting aircons from taxi as we travelled with their subway.

First stop of the second last day, as always filled with lots of people everywhere despite the heat. So we just took a quick visit and praying before the next stop.

Next stop is another long ride in the subway to the beach! I kinda forgot the name. But it's another super hot area with lots of people. This place actually kinds of remind me of Arcachon! The shops along the sea is the same. The only difference is that you can walk in the sand and dip your foot into the sea! (shy)

No doubt it was compulsory to grab the huge ice cream! But the cone was bad. I don't know the term to call these cones but i find them rather chemical (argh)

Right after is an afternoon shopping session at Wu Fen Pu! (gangnam) I was all ready for my hunt for clothes that's under 250NT (yes) I'm quite proud of my purchase actually. Found a floral shorts for only 150NT! Way too sweet *_* After shopping we went to the famous restaurant for Ruroufan again. But my parents were disappointed. After a long day we headed back to our hotel area Xi Men ding, I totally urged them to go to Modern Toilet for deserts :) It does not look appealing to my mother at all. But i find it so fun! I guess it's a youngster thing!

Milk tea and green tea in pee pots (bear)

Shaved ice and all it's extras. If you're into something funny, you ought to drop by Modern Toilet. I forgot the name of this desert, but it's really funny and extreme. The shaved ice were colored green because of it's name thou.

fifth day in taiwan

=3 See that floral shorts hanging? That's the one i got it for 150NT! The fifth day was a shopping day in CBD. Well, not exactly shopping because my aim of the trip was to shop for clothes that are less than 250NT! It was window touring day.

Wanted to look for Din Tai Fung, but one of us was too hungry and tired to walk further. We just settled into a nearest restaurant that offers Xiao Long Baos. (yes) My mouth is filling with saliva just thinking about it! After much browsing we found an Agnes B cafe at Taipei 101!!! I find that weird thou. Isn't Agnes B. a french label? Why aren't there Agnes B. cafes in France?!!!

They seem to have a variety of pastries so we hopped in for tea beak! :D

The last stop of the day is Miranmar! I'm not sure about the spelling, but yes- this is that green ferris wheel that you'd see in practically ALL taiwanese dramas. I'm finally there myself to sit in it! :D

There are two kinds of cabins available. Transparent ones and normal ones. I am not that fond of heights, so I don't think i'd be taking the one in transparent!!!! The whole circle took around 30minutes to complete. It felt super fast thou.

Finally, a huge shout out to say I've been there!!! Together with my cousin ;D

sixth day in taiwan

Well, our flight back home was around 2pm. So morning was just a sleep in day. But I still had to wake up early in order to have breakfast. (whyu) Why do hotel breakfast service ends at 9.30? If I wake up at 9.30 breakfast would be gone, 9.30am is still considered as morning right? (hard)

The very last photo to commemorate the red chair! It just fits me perfectly! Perhaps I ought to look for something similar in my room :D Goodbye Taiwan! I'd definitely visit again!!