Taiwan day two

Good morning taiwan!! This day two post is going to be sooooo heavy because of 40+ photos that will be loading... I'd say this is the longest day in taiwan because we visited many places in just one day. After one night's rest, the next day, we went up to the 12th floor for our breakfast with our meal coupons!

Buffet breakfast! I'm quite surprised that i didn't snap any photos of the surroundings. Probably felt too awkward to do that. So then, their buffet is quite the same everyday for the 6 days we're there!

Private taxi drivers were fishing for their clients for a 8hour tour package that day.

Turns out, we happened to be their fish. Having our plans changed, we left with the uncle for a 1 day tour. Our driver is a very friendly uncle. He brought us to all the photo-scenic places to take photos. A random rest point with the sea. Driving along the highway makes me thought about those scenes in dramas. Which coincidently, we met a group of people filming. But we didn't bother much to find out who was it nor which drama it was :)

Unfortunately, I forgot all the names. But i think the first place, we went to Yeliu park. We chose the wrong time to visit Taiwan. It was freaking hot. Temperature was between 35-40degrees celsius. When we originally thought that during this period (6 sep to 11 sep) it's already autumn, the weather would be cooler, but we got it all wrong. So obviously, my mother needed her umbrella, or else she'd melt! Including my previous burns from Dune de Pyla, my skin was burning after the day.

Because of the waves, the rocks have some kind of marbling effects. The colors are very pretty too. How nature can be so beautiful is so fascinating. Our tour-guide-driver brought us to climb the rocks to discover other amazing views. 

Ye Lie park

Omg, TREES AND SHADES FINALLY! Gazillions of people visiting despite the hot sun! It was soo hot for us to really enjoy the nature. We didn't even take a peek at their prized rock "The queen's head". We didn't even know of this place before our friendly driver brought us here. But it was too warm, and all of our minds were just pre-occupied thinking about "shade/ac". I never thought i'd be so happy to find a shade, even if i like the sun. 

It's a seaside area, so naturally, it's a seafood restaurant. We were too hungry. All the climbing and walking in the heat! I guess as much as the sun gives you energy and motivation, it also sucks up alot!

On our way to Jiu Fen, the driver took us through some off-course road for some scenic views. Can you spot the KingKong's face at the peak of the moutain?

Jiu fen

It's actually a super long street for shopping. Mainly food stuffs though. A friendly uncle performing his skills playing these little musical objects sparked my little desire to buy a little owl for myself as well. 


Final hotspot of our trip, was to go and light up Kongmingteng/ paper lanterns. There's so many tourists around, I mean this is highly a tourist gimmick to light the lanterns, but it's fun! I'm sure to do it again if I come back. You can buy crackers and other firelights to play, but our super friendly guide bought it for us! It's a little strange to actually write/decorate your lanterns on the train tracks. So every 10mins or 15, a loud ringing alert everyone to clear the space. Kinda heart-thumping so take note!