taiwan day three


We're finally roaming in taiwan like taiwanese, taking their railways. and bought their Easycard. It's just like the same system in Singapore. Tab and go EZ-Link cards, these cards contains money where you'd be able to tab and travel.

First check point.. C.K.S Memorial Hall. Remember that mega hot period, it's sunny and clear blue sky everyday. The hotness is quite unbearable under the direct sun. I finally understand the point, why is an umbrella needed in such situations! Seriously, that little shade under the sun is a huge difference =_=


A Canon photo marathon was going on, those event booths kinda spoils the photo...

Incidently, I tried out an effect while editing without knowing. It's probably typo-shortcut errors that gave something like that. I just spiced it up a little adding more colors to it ;)

Well, my family is the type that prefer shopping to anything else like visiting museums or historical places. So we practically scanned through the area snapping photos that goes "Hey, check point reached".

So we were quickly gone afterwards!

Off to Shilin! We didn't know what the business hours were in taiwan until we reached there, all of them were closed even if it was 11+am in the morning!

Searching for food to eat, we came by a family-style eatery with the must-have Ru rou fan! It's very yummy indeed, but actually they are basically fats! So I guess, once in a while it should be alright :)

Out of the whole stay in taiwan, I've had a lot of bubble tea as possible. Their cups are a lot bigger than those in Singapore. This is the ultimately best flavor for all Yakult lovers :) Yakult Green Tea Bubble tea. Plainly typing it's name makes me long for Yakult! I need to move back to Paris for Yakult!

Since the main shopping district was closed, we headed to the central business district area. Taipei 101! I'd say it's the only place for proper looking buildings without zillions of cables running up their pillars. Once again, it's another quick visit at the CBD area, but this time round we decided that we'd come back again for shopping ;)

Raohe Night market: Taiwan's famous night market. Just like Shilin market, which we went at the wrong timing of the day. Seems like we went to Raohe at the wrong timing either. It was flooded with people. You'd simply touch anyone within 10cm! Imagine all the sweat that you're accumulating from other people's arms and back, omg #notnice!

Tried a plate of the local delight "Oyster pancake". Despite it being famous, we randomly pick a store available in the streets to eat. Unfortunately I could not appreciate the taste at all. I find it too jelly-ish and tasteless! Oh- and too much flour!

Neither did I try their smelly tofus. Surprisingly, I didn't find the smelly tofus smelly, it merely had a strong smell to me that's all! There's way too many stuffs to eat! Sometimes when you're looking at how are they cooking turns you off a little too. But the weather's too hot for us to really enjoy eating anything. Dad's planning to go back taiwan again, when the weather is cooler! Till then it'd might be more comfortable trying all the different food!