taiwan day one

Pardon the blurry photo, it's taken from my phone! I'm finally ready to blog about all my previous updates. It seems like this is forever a history blog than a right now, at this time kind of blog but i'd put as much effort as i can to update all the 6 days event in Taiwan as well as the meaningful times in Singapore.

It's been quite some time about the talk to visit Taiwan. I've never been to any asian countries before. My trip back to Singapore was almost a month, so my family decided to plan for a short Taiwan discovery. My cousin and aunty joined us as well as a family friend. So yes, shopping in the airport. That's one thing about going on holidays. Duty free. My dear aunty is very much in love with Pandora's customized bracelets. So she waited till this day in order to go to a tax free Pandora shop at Changi Airport Terminal One.

Personally, I'd only prefer to take Singapore Airlines. They are always on time, their service is awesome. But they are always the most expensive airline. The difference of the air tickets were too much, we opted for China Airlines instead. 30minutes flight delay... I kinda saw that coming.

I love taking photos on the plane. I always find a way to snap some photos around, even if the air stewardess asked me to keep them. I'd still sneak it out somehow. I can't really see how my Canon 60D can interrupt any control stuffs or what not. I saw other people with their phones switched on as well... 

I have way too many cloud photos, so this time, i'd only share one! 

I'm forever complaining about how the food sucks during flight journeys. Well, in this photo, it looks alright- but it tastes like nothing. The fish is too dry and bland, everything is just plainly tasteless. Maybe one day, when I'm all rich (in my head probably)... I shall try to take a first class and try their food. Will it be better?

Taiwan grounds! Chinese signboards on highway. I had some tough time reading with my terrible chinese. You can spot these motorcyclists everywhere. From my "grown-up" point of view, I'm thinking that it's really dangerous for the little boy standing like that! But from his point of view, it's probably like "weeeee~~~ it's so fast and windy! my hair is flying!!! vrooooommmm!!!!"

We took a taxi to our hotel.. the car ride was quite an experience. Seeing little kids standing on scooters like that. The driver was one hell of a violent one. His driving skills shocked the hell out of mum. Our arrival to Riverview Hotel at Ximending! They gave us a free upgrade to a better and newly renovated room :D Each room were huge. We were divided into two~ My aunt loves the red chair. Well- me too, it'd be a fine piece in my own bedroom for reading!

Luggage down, extra heavy stuffs are out! Time to explore Ximending :) Street stalls are everywhere! They are relatively very cheap. Great for some small bites. The famous Ah Zhong Mian Sian that everyone told me to try out, so we got a bowl each.

You know how I always complain about how i have no fate with celebrities. Then here at Ximending, there was some kind of movie promotion and I got to see Dylan Guo <3 See the ocean of people crowding around?! Unfortunately I didn't have those mega zoom lens like paparazzis. But I do have to admit, Dylan looks even more handsome in real life <3

Typical kind of junctions... From my comprehension, shops at Ximending are a little more expensive. So that night is merely window shopping checking out the neighborhood. We found ourselves some supper!!! No idea what is it called, but there's some octopus, pig intestines, meat balls. The soup is rather soothing and light. I'm rather shocked that taiwanese food ain't salty. After all those chinese restaurants that i've eaten in France, I'd always die of thirst 3 minutes after i leave the place. 

So then, this concludes my taiwan day one!! The flight reach taiwan late afternoon, so we actually have the night to explore the area! I went to Taiwan for 6 days! So look out for the next posts on my Taiwan travelogue!