Cream Pasta!


I think i can totally convert into some food blogger! After a short discussion over what to eat for dinner earlier, i finally settled with smoked salmon & cream mushroom pasta! I think i saw some photos of pasta last few days, so i do admit that I had a little urge to eat pasta!

I dare say that this presentation look pretty and delicious right? Anyway, I didn't really search for a recipe online. I just cooked based on my little pasta experience! Besides my knowledge of ingredients is quite a mess~ Like what is crème fraîche in english? or what is 钛白粉 (i don't even know if it's written correctly in chinese!) in english! So even if i search for recipes online, i might not be able to find all the ingredients i need! So continue reading if you wanna see how i cooked it!

I didn't specially buy anything for the ingredients, I just used whatever I have. For mushrooms, I only had one huge "Champignon de Paris" (See what I mean?) Unfortunately, I did not take photos of the whole progress!

1. Chop mushrooms! 2. Heat up your wok, put in a bit of butter (I used butter because it smells awesome!), cook your mushrooms! 3. Get your crème fraîche (I used this one). Pour half of it into a bowl, add a bit of water and corn flour! (I had no measurements! Everything is based on feeling!) 4. Stir well! 5. Bring your smoked salmon, tear them into smaller pieces, put them into the wok. 6. After 2 minutes, pour in the sauce mixture and let it boil for 2-5minutes. I added a squeeze of lemon juice too!

7. Add the spagettis! (Oh, I add in a little bit of olive oil to keep the spagettis from sticking together too much) I actually already cooked the spagettis last 2 days. I kept them in the fridge. Since I can't really estimate when they are uncooked. I tend to cook too much :S But luckily I can keep them in the fridge for a few days!

8. Stir ;) At the same time, I put salt and pepper. So mix well, I used a chopstick to try to gauge the seasoning. And when it gets too dry, I re-did step 3 and made more sauce. 9. You're done!

What I cooked is enough for 2 person! So my second plate becomes my lunch tomorrow!

10. After the pasta is served in dishes, I used the remaining oil in the wok to grill my left over smoked salmon! So all's that's left is to decorate, and put some spice! I love this spice that I found in Carrefour market! It makes everything tastes a lot better! Maybe because i'm a Singaporean? Singaporeans tend to like spicy food!

Here you go, my first recipe gone online! It's getting late! 1:30AM already!! Hoof, tomorrow Imma try to make some teriyaki styled drumsticks! I seriously spend too much time about thinking of what to EAT!!!