SM Town Paris Part I


I finally took the courage to erm- layout the whole 1000 photos; but i think i will limit to the better selections + the before concert sets:Meeting up with Yuling :)

The awesome clouds, it should be around 7.30am in the morning~

Mini breakfast served on the flight. And our budget hotel with mostly fangirls staying for the night according to the counter :D

Off to meet Yuling as well as searching for suitable restaurants that are affordable for students like us!

After the hugeeee set we had, time to walk around, to burn off some fats. Somehow, it's the most perfect weather :) It's cooler than when my dearest Jean and LinMin came over. So it had been really comfortable.

Headed to Opera for some window shopping. :) The amount I've spent on concert tickets to air tickets and train tickets is too much to splurge on shopping any further :X {I ain't rich :X}

But still i managed to splurge on two little bottles of nail polish; HA Lastly, after long walks in the afternoon and thirstiness, Starbucks is a nice solution :) Too bad, i didn't manage to find that biggest Starbucks store that mum's friend was talking about or something. Or i got it wrong; LOL

It's really a sad thing that there isn't any starbucks in Bordeaux. :X It makes my taste buds for coffee/chocolate so dull. Compared to the Colombus cafe that i'm going recently, it's really tasteless ;X