i can't express how sad i am that SM Town concert is over!it's my first concert over the 20years. Kinda' saddening right? But i'm really happy that it's SM Town that's my first!

i could say that i've scream, sang, shout and danced throughout the night. until I thought that i would have lose my voice the next day! but fortunately, my voice is still with me ;) There's a total of 1000+ photos. And lucky enough, my friend had a 200/300mm lens for superb zooming :) We pressed on the button non stop till there isn't any space left. Luckily, i've brought my SD card along! So i only have the ending part of the concert!

I can't help to keep emphasizing their mega awesome voices during the live performances! Watching Yunho and Changmin dance and sing live. Tsk tsk, there were a little sad parts when they sang part of The Way You are, Mirotic and Rising Sun. Cuz i've heard enough times to know which parts were sang by whom.

"My" two super awesome hunks! LOL; and obviously Siwon had to take off his shirt during the concert to show his wonderful abs! He even gave one of the fans his white jacket! Goodness! Why was I that far away?

Too much to update! A shot from Sunday afternoon;

Tomorrow, I will be going back to reality! I kinda don't wanna go back to work tomorrow, I wanna slack at home. Besides slacking I've a lot of mini projects to do!