friday morning, 10am at Mc Donalds. Tsk tsk, if you want a slacky life, i'd recommend you to come to my town. Can you imagine that the mc donalds in my town aren't serving breakfast?! So basically they're open at 11 or something. Whereas in Singapore, Mc donalds are open for 24hrs/7days these days. anyway, the community decided to celebrate a week earlier due to i-don't-know-what reasons. Mc Donald's happy meal's are catered for children, like every year, i'm off with my family to get them delivered to the venue. This year mom didn't come with us cuz she wasn't feeling well :/

total of erm- 38 sets of happy meals i think. since er- we left the house in a hurry, tom and i didn't had anything for breakfast, i managed to get 2 box of fries free from the manager to clench the hunger. Since dad is somehow in charged of the food, we went to get moreeee bottles of mineral water for the people who participated in games under the hot sun! And filled up the 7-seater like that. Of cuz, the car was filled with french fries smell. HA- When we got there, after getting everything out, and setting them on the table, people started to come and collect meals for the kids. Where i helped a tiny little bit and forgot to take pictures :/ Besides dad had a lot of helpers!

Moving on to set up the mee robus table. One of local delights in singapore :) a little bit spicy even if it's written "no chilly" on the box, LOL

Well, 38 happy meals means there must be at least 38 kids right?! Somehow i'm considered as the oldest kid i suppose :X Since i suppose i've been attending this mini-celebration since I was 9 O.o {Time flies} There's a table for older kids like me. Technically, i'm the oldest ~_~

Luckily, Joy brought her old box of UNO. It has been like zillion of years since i've played that!

HA! Someone's in trouble!

Well, that's it then. it's more like an event for younger kids and adults to play. there's coloring/drawing competition for the kids, then football match / tug-o-war for the adults. Which leave 'kids' like me nothing to do but to stare at people! Well; this year's a little more lively because of the UNO that Joy brought. But too bad she's leaving in October, and by right next year I should be back in Singapore during national day! :D