Silent Xmas


I can say that this year's end year celebration is going to be so mega silent and probably a declared fifth war in the house.My hectic week's over; I slept through the first weekend of my break. Feels like I can never catch up on those sleep that I lost. I practically slept the whole saturday and sunday and only waking up to eat lunch and dinner. Then finally slacked up on monday to find me new ideas to improve my portfolio. Then after a week+ of coding, it's up!


time to send letters for internship. i'm seriously mega worried about it. I just hope design agency will accept me!

Now then, the recent christmas! I suppose everyone's christmas is much more lively then mine! Unlike Singapore culture, where christmas turns the whole town upside down with parties and events going on in every clubs, in France, christmas turns the whole town dead. Went to shop in town, but shops started closing at 5pm... and I originally had a family and friends dining out at a chinese/japanese buffet restaurant. Our rdv was at 7pm. And by 6, all, seriously ALL shops are practically closed. No choice but sat in the car and wait till 7pm for the restaurant to open!

On the way to our restaurant..... the sky is getting darker already!

And zoomed passed the christmas market; we thought it was already too late to visit. But i think; we should have stopped by and walk around the xmas market

Snapped the photos on the car, not that awesome! Plus those not-so-pretty barriers blocking the roads! I didn't snap any nice photos at the restaurant, it felt sooo awkward! I like the 美食坊 buffet pretty much because of the sashimi. But then in the end, I can't wait for the sashimis and aunty kim asked the boss about it. She said that they don't cater sashimis anymore because once it is out, everyone just snatch that up! And customer's speed of eating sashimi were too fast, and it was expensive too. But then since we asked about it, the boss decided to treat us two plates of free sashimi :D One thing I like about them is because they are always smiling :) And always come and greet us individually with a handshake ;) And offered us a free aperitif too. It's as though we have gained a new friend, unlike the chi/jap buffet around my town, even though it's been years that my family know them, every single cent counts! And they give off the feeling that those cents were originally theirs.

After a long dinner; it's time to head home :) It's only like 10pm when I reach my house. And decided to visit the streets behind my house. Very interesting event. Those houses when come to end year season, would be decorated with many lights when night falls! And many residents from the town would visit this very street to look like decoration of these houses! Even the town council sent a mail to all the families around the corner to let residence know that the street would be closed down to a one-way lane so that people can walk around and visit!

There's even a mini Eiffel tower :)

That's about it. It was freezing cold at night, already -1 degrees around 10+ and I wasn't really properly covered; so I didn't really walk the whole street!

By the time i got home, it wasn't even 12 yet, so yeah I spent the countdown in front of the TV, where they were showing Stefan, LOL or Paul Wesley. I got a shocked; and quickly googled it, it was before the Vampire Diaries :) The Fallen, the idea kinda made me laugh, cuz it was like, so before becoming the undead, you were originally a half angel :)

Speaking of vampire diaries.... ANYONE CAN TELL ME WHERE TO WATCH IT? Damn it, funshion decided to remove all of them... i have no idea where to watch it anymore, any suggestions?