See you, Paris!




Hello hello! And yes, unfortunately, you've understood it right! I've officially *temporarily* moved out of Paris! (I hope!)

It feels unreal but everything happened so quickly. At the same time, everything happened at the same time. Managing projects and interviews, trying to get a new permanent job etc... and then news dropped that my landlord passed away at the age of 95 (or was it 96) ಠ_ಠ  Her children wanted to sell my home for their inheritance. And currently being a full-time freelancer, it doesn't go well with property agents for the next move... 

It was a Thursday afternoon when I decided to move out immediately on the coming Sunday. I somewhat managed to get myself 3 more days in the city of lights and then I got carried away like the wind to Bordeaux. Which another 2 days later, the wind carried me off to Singapore again. So I'm trying to stay positive that if there's a low, there will be a high coming soon?

Picnic by the Seine

Before I left, I managed to finally picnic by the Seine! It was actually my first time. Thank Heavens for being so nice to me with the perfect chill weather. Yup, 5 years in Paris, I've never had a picnic by the Seine. {Made me wonder, what have I been doing for the past 5 years} So two lovely friends decided to do a last minute picnic together. As you can see, randomly put-together basket with Grapefruit soju, a bottle of Rosé, a pastry no less from Eclairs de Genie + unseen plateau of charcuterie / baguettes / olive dippers. We completely forgot about buying chips and ended up ogling at everyone's chips like puppies. However, because the weather was so good, all the quays were filled up with people. Dear Amy forgot her wine-opener, but lucky us, you can easily borrow one with any random picnicking neighbors. Just flaunt your cutest smile, any guy would lend theirs (°◡°♡).:。

Anyway, this isn't the end of Paris!

I'd still come back for you Paris! You're a city that represents freedom and independence! I'm just temporarily moving back to my seaside for the summer, since it's not exactly the job-hunting season. So I'd take this time to rest and enjoy myself to the maximum before I find myself a new full-time office! Speaking of which, it's has already been a month since I've flew back to Singapore. My parents bought a new home in Singapore, so I'm back in this unbearable hot and humid weather to help them out for a while.

Till then, if you've seen some of my #igstories, I'd have more stories coming up! 
Hopefully I'd have time to edit them soon! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ