Roadtrip 11.11.11


I know the blog hasn't been greatly taken care of this Nov. Up till now with only 2 posts this month, sound really depressing isn't it?I shall try my very best to make the stories more lively here. In fact, I have a little plan to reconstruct the design. I thought about designing my own tree house and implement it as my blog. But erm- this plan might take some time, since I wanted it to be more interactive and flash based. YADA School is taking so much time. Or consider myself handling time really badly then =_=

This is a special post dedicated to Felicia :) My stalker buddy. LOL Frankly speaking i think "stalker friend" sounds pretty cute! It was her birthday yesterday, I promised to update my roadtrip photos. But er- there were 290 photos to choose from, so finally I only picked out 45 of them :P

11.11.11 A very special date isn't it? It turned out to be a public holiday in france too. Dad was so keen about going on a road trip. And we all had a 3 day weekend. So we went off saying that we would head to Sarlat. But basically, we stayed in the car for the whole day, LOL Which mom totally hates it. Then when we reach main towns, we got down and walked around a little...

First stop, meeting point with some family friends at the petrol station around my house. Well, one saddest point about public holidays in france would be that, EVERYWHERE you go, it'd be EMPTY! tsktsk, these people really don't have an active life like those singaporeans. Whenever it's public holiday, shopping centers will be full of people right?!

Super excited dad! Like a 3yr old kid; haha

After 2hours of drive, first rest point for toilet breaks and mid-breakfast!

Our favorite companion, JD :D But the sad thing is looks like he doesn't really seem care about me anymore ARGH Whenever I call him, he wouldn't come, unless there's food =_= What a dog!

(Super heavy photo posts! around 47photos!)

First toll fees! but nope; not paying! Just getting a ticket,

The first town! Sarlat! Apparently there's a film festival going on. So surprisingly, there were people around. LOL Plus there's an event going for the 11/11. One of the history dates, which is the armistice, the end of world war i.

taadaa! There was a mini parade going on, bands playing... Then it's time to hit off to another point.

I kinda forgot, but i think it was around another 40mins of car ride before we reach here.

Found a very pretty bridge, there I was thinking, what i waste, I should try to get an infrared filter for some pretty cool fantasy-ish photos! Imagine the same scene with white/pink trees?! I think it'd be really pretty!

I found some super cute wild mushrooms! Speaking of which, my garden has been popping a lot of new cute wild mushrooms!


First panorama of the day! I should really try and put in more effort for panoramas with a camera stand!!! ^-^ but most of the time i'm lazy to bring out the camera stand, it's too much of a hassle ~_~

this shot as infrared one would be super cool :)

LOL, self-portrait. I wanted to try high exposure, with flying orange streaks of hair, but failed, there's no wind available. =_=

and there's like a swan family in the river :) this one came over when I was trying to photograph him/her

I think it's more like he/she thought i would give him/her food! Since i didn't he/she decided to leave!

Another side!!! :) I love these panoramas!

And we're off again!

this time, the car ride took almost 2 hours! And we were heading to Rocamadour!

Moooooooooooos along the way!

Dad didn't take the autoroute (expressway), instead we go through countryside roads,

Beautiful autumn tress!

Finally reached Rocamadour!

If I am not wrong, the town is a touristic place for a world wonder cave or something. But we didn't really visit. LOL We just went up the mountain to breathe the fresh air!

See! We're really high up!

One end to another! Just the horizon!

Further-in, there's a church! Actually you can pay money to go to the top to look at the view :) But once again, thinking of the stairs to climb, and the money to pay, we didn't go up! LOL

When we're out, we found these :) Like three best friends, three brothers; LOL different generations of Porshe!

Ahh, cars! I loveee carss :D I love driving! that's the big point that I'd be missing out when I go back to Singapore for my internship. I'd miss my SLK pretty much! Plus, my recent facebook/twitter spam on that Mercedes SLS AMG just outside school; tsktsk~ made me dream even more! Like maybe one day! I can drive a car like that; LOLOLOLOLOL Just another teen dreaming~

Time to go home! 250+km to reach home actually, almost hitting 300.

Toll fees again! I think dad spent almost 20€ on the toll fees~ tsktsk, Reached our main city town and it was almost 8pm. Went for a buffet dinner at a chinese restaurant, their salmon sashimi's awesome, once it's out, everyone just snatch them up! thinking of it makes me drool; ha! Headed home after that! Actually sitting in the car whole day is pretty tiring!