Resort World


weeee... the number of photos to edit never ends... and more seem to come in! O.oI guess this time imma split into 2 parts, the food part comes later!!!

previously, teppanyaki! and the following day, off to vivo city to catch captain america! i'd rate the show 8/10. LOL cuz the female lead 太可怜了!the promise he made, he was late for 70years!!!! goodness, she's probably dead.. besides that, it was quite funny. i'm very interested in how the actor act at the beginning. I mean, it's the same guy right?! how did he become so skinny in the beginning? CG? i love that tiny trailer at the end of the credits, it's like so cool! iron man, thor and captain amercia altogether in one show, but one thing i can't figure out is why the hell is iron man 2 linked with thor at the end?! O.O can someone please enlighten me?! :/

drop that cinema... the first intention to go to vivo city was to walk around on level 3.. :) Up till now i've never done that... somehow, ended up exploring all the new areas around vivo city, like an alien i was...

tsk tsk.... how did the view of sentosa changed soo much!? there's this travelator like those in airports!!! that brings you all the way to sentosa! i got tricked by NG LINMIN... cuz the travelator is ONLY IN ONE DIRECTION! so if you take the travelator there, you'd have to walk back! =_= I still went along.. and paid $1 to enter sentosa itself T_T L|

it was around 5+ on a monday, almost no one on the way there... since the flooring is so pretty, we couldn't resist not taking any photos :)

What's in our bags!!! HAHAHA; such a tumblr/blog trend =3

i even found myself a new dp! LOL

and then, seeing the wonderful reflections on our shades, {yes... the shades, they are very "in" in france, but people hardly wear them in singapore?! WHY?! Sometimes i feel awkward wearing them in singapore too. People just stareeeee.... but then, Sentosa.. such a touristique atmosphere. Besides, i AM a tourist.. LOL even if i'm a Singaporean, i hardly know anything about S'pore!}

Further in! Universal Studios Singapore! Let's just take it that i went it! LOL If i go there, i'd be wasting money since i can't really take those scary rides... visiting haunted house or whatever?! My heart is too weak for things like these sadly.. but I could take Disneyland Paris. LOL Cuz all of their roller coasters are in the dark instead of the open air where you can see your surroundings clearly.. makes the whole thing more scary like triple-fold!

So then, i just walked to the gates to take snapshots...

Felt the need to be more touristique! LOL so linmin and i asked for someone to help us with a shot! TADA!! I've been to USS! :D

Till then the next half.. another day! :)