Popup Surprise


it hasn't been easy to keep my news back to singapore shut. LOL i'm rather excited about it; but yeah- I'M IN SINGAPORE!!! :Dmad packed schedules, home only at night... so now i'm finally getting a bit of time to update! it's been a week since i've been here. the transport... it's been hard not to think about my car back in france!

and my two lovelies have gotten their limited-edition; only 2 copies worldwide of Bonjour Mademoiselles :D

study/test first. ain't sure with the popup patterns etc to make sure it works!

and the effiel tower is up! :D page 2 actually ;D but i tested out effiel tower's page first since it's more complicated!

Our heads are so cute!

the drivers! :D

I was pretty worried about whether the plastic sheet could hold. So far so good :D **Ladies, if ever anything drops out, use double-sided tape to stick it back; or; the red-colored tube of glue from Scotch will do :)

And then taaaada! ;) Both books aren't exactly the same! Heh! Should have written a serial number on it to prove it's existence! LOL Well there is my signature!~ :3

A little note for my silent stalker :) It'd be nice if you left a comment or something; I've been suggesting to Linmin, LET'S GO EAT TGT :D WILL YA'?

night's! I'm so tired! AND I'M SO GOING TO BUY THAT PAIR OF SHADES! DUH! WHAT kind of crappy reason is that. Save up 60bucks to buy an almost 1000bucks shades from Louis Vuitton?!