Picnic out!


(Side complains) Oh yeah, I moved out from my previous host, Webhostingpad. They weren't that bad actually, it's just that my site must be hacked at least once every year with them. Considered that aside, they said that it's my fault because I didn't protect my wordpress properly (hard) Which I don't see how either. Then again, my second time was that my account was apparently compromised, which I had no either how it happened, since it didn't affect my site. When I contacted them about the problem, they immediately suspended my account (wtf) They got me back another backup file, LUCKILY! Speaking of which restoring my backup from their services last year weren't free either (whyu) & I also noticed the huge price leap. From $10 to $24+

Then I half forgot to keep track of my mails, and did not send in a cancellation mail in time for the termination of my account, thus they automatically renewed my plan, without me knowing that it's on automatic renewal. When I asked them about it, i got a nasty email saying that it was stated since the first day i bought my hosting package. So fine, my fault. Then when I asked for a reimbursement they said that it's impossible. Instead, they took my cancellation mail and deactivated my account when I just "renewed" my plan (wtf) And I originally thought that they had this satisfied or not policy within 30 days of activation. Once again it didn't apply to my case. Congrats to myself, I have double hosting now! So anyone who's in need of hosting for a year, I'd be pleased to help. I can just host your website for free.

On the good side, I've moved to Three Words, which I absolutely adore the owner // Misaki :) Just wait a little more, for the new layout, I'd advertise your link everywhere *_* I'm trying to develop the new theme with Bootstrap, but hella lot of problem decoding the different sections TT_TT

Xavier and his canal
Xavier and his canal

Let's go for a picnic shall we? On the lighter note, I'm on two weeks holiday! This will be my last winter break ever, student life is ending on the 26th April! I should start counting down! :) Apparently dear Xavier is building a canal along the river!

Say picnic, say kids! Out with Serene, Wendy and Eva along with their kids ;) Frankly speaking, I can't handle a lot of kids (huh) since I don't give off authoritative aura, kids just don't listen to me (hard) But today, the number of kids seems to be alright for me. This is Lezanne -oops // crap // i have problem identifying Lezanne and Lyanne (bear) - and her brother Tyler. Tyler doesn't seem to like the seesaw that much

While Cherish is enjoying her huge swing!

When time flies a little too slowly, we decided some jump shots with Warren and Xavier

Followed by the whole gang. Since euh- there isn't any proper shots, i think it's best to explain why with this animated gif (gangnam) Kids and their synchronization!

Time for exploring // I found two duckies

And a gaggle of geese... But somehow i think there's an owner to them

Feeding time with Warren

Ending the post with Xavier's wanted photo of the biggest donkey under the tent!