Parc de Sceaux


A kilo of strawberry keeps me happy.


—Incoming warmth


Almost 4 months late; but better late than never! 

Paula caught me in Paris during it's best months of the year where almost every corner was blooming in colours. Despite being in the city of lights for 5 years, I have never been to Parc de Sceaux. Neither have I heard of this amazing garden. While I didn't think that I'd leave Paris this year, I definitely made the right choice to spend a brunch session enjoying hanami

The blooming scene caught the hold of many other ig-ers, including myself. But holy, it wasn't easy finding the perfect spot. While I could believe that I've been transported to Inokashira park, but the rising volumes that wouldn't stop buzzing around my ears brought me back to reality. (*ノ_<*)


Picnic Basket

I never thought that I'd be that motivated for a morning picnic of all things. 

Parc de Sceaux is located in the suburbs of Paris. Getting there took plus/minus a hour. In order to snug a good spot, it's best to get there early. Paula was craving for Popelinis (heavenly good cream puffs), so we had to wait for the opening of the shop at 10am before being able to leave the city. 

I woke up way too early on a Sunday to prepare Strawberry-Banana smoothies, truffle-salted eggs ⚈ ̫ ⚈, crsipy bacon, getting to the bakery to get croissants. 

how to get there—

The train ride to the nearest station Parc de Sceaux took approximately 40mins. But you wouldn't be immediately greeted by the fresh florals. Instead, you'd have to walk through a huge part of park (I was going to say, forest) before reaching a pink heaven (You may thank me in advance!). However that walk lasted at least 20mins, along with your heavy basket, it feels like your exercise of the day has been completed. 

Then set up your picnic, and enjoy the precious moments before newcomers start eyeing on your spot!

Be right back— while i shoot my MV
— carol
Who needs #instabf when you have #instabestfriend
— Paula




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