Opera by night


Is it Spring already?

A sudden change of weather, 17º degrees celsius and a clear blue sky calls for a walk instead of keeping myself at home. Despite not working full-time, I feel like I'm roaming the streets too much. Maybe one day, when my skills are perfected, I'd announce my new-found passion. I should restrict myself and give myself a little more "me time" instead. (p.s. Start reading again!) Roaming the streets easily meant extra $$$ spent on useless things like a Starbucks cuppa, or a little mask at Sephora's. Which of course, did not mount to a simple little mask at Sephora.

I've got a bag full of exciting items to try! I had a first hand experience at the beauty bar with some awesome products and I was sold on the spot. Look at the on-point highlight! ლ(╹◡╹ლ) Almost looked like I brought out a team of photographers for a shoot. But no way, it's #shotoniPhone, with a random LED panel next to me that randomly lights up according to the advertisements (ノ・∀・)ノ

Anyway, so I was super excited to ditch thick winter coats, I left home with a super light blazer. It feels like months since I worn something so light. 


Blazer, Teeshirt — Zara
Trousers — Sandro
Booties — Bershka




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