omg! i can't believe it!


oh well- i'm mad, its 1.30AM and i'm still here blogging. that's what you get arriving early with no one area. besides that, i was rather happy that my partners found our awesome idea.. then someone came along~~~ boom, your bubble's burst ARGH

I'm hoping that besides that, all goes well. I've been spending the whole day coding from CSS to HTML and now FLASH stuffs.. besides that, i'm sharing the totally unbelievable news...

MY FREAKING DREAM IS COMING SOOOOON ;DDDD goodness~ i thought that i have to give up forever about seeing ANY KPOP ARTISTS... but somehow i totally managed to get a pair of tickets to watch SM Town Live in Paris IN JUNE :DDD Goodness... it was war on monday morning. Even when I was in front of the stall, ready to get my VIP tickets right on the second, but it was like 9.55 and VIP tickets were already gone! They were only left with category 1 and standing places. I hesitated. Spamming calls to Isabelle - who couldn't pick up my calls. Then when i got back to the counter - dead silence. ALL TICKETS WERE GONE. like WTF! i totally gave up hope until the lady said to try again later..... and taadaa!!!