Resort World II


woah, just 1 week of my first master year is gone. D: i'd say that the week was slow like hell.remember my complains over a seriously boring/useless lesson over the two years? well; during that time, that lesson lasted for 2hours PER WEEK! this term, has 5hours of those lessons PER WEEK, i feel like dying. goodness, i hope i'd be able to make it through...


it has never been part of my culture to learn more about film directors, etc. in Singapore, how many of you really cared about who's the director?! who's the scriptwriter? who's the visual effects director?! I doubt out of ten, only one really did that. yet its' totally opposite in France, everyone knew which film belongs to which director etc etc... lots of literature titles, where as I; KNOW NOTHING... then, going ahead with image analyzing... okay, consider the fact that i don't know how to crap. So again, i suck in image analyzing. Classmates and teachers came out with a zillions of descriptives, while I.... i only had like max 10 sentences...

worse part of the whole thing is, everyone's gotta keep a "memoire" a self-study book of all your image analyze for semiology- and of all things, the most-difficult teacher being assigned to that. let's hope that i won't fail this memoire, i got a feeling that it'd be so damn horrible TT_TT besides that, to survive all the 5hours per week, i'm dreading it so badly!

feels like there will be a number of competition going on. i'm hoping that we (since it's always in groups these days) will manage to win something. thinking of the 8000euros for the first price is always awesome!

now then, let me continue my photo updates!

well, after all the visits, time for dinner :)

Had the urge to go back to Din Tai Fung again, somehow, it's the same restaurant, but it's under another name, Baits! Spicy cucumber for linmin!

Awesome 小龙包 to share, i love the soup in it. Though dad thinks that it's a perfectly simple dish. The downside would be that if you leave it to the aircon for too long, the bun kinda dries up and it'd be hard!

My pork ribs fried rice. I never mention before right? I love fried rice, it's the simplest thing ever, and it tastes good. But i hate it when there's more ingredients than rice, after all, i'm quite the 饭桶 :P

Linmin's 嘉奖面!looks good too,

Our side greediness to order another wantan soup. Turn out that linmin finished all the 7 wantans, where i only ate 1. LOOOL; bloated tummy!

Our bill added up to $40+ The irritating parts about in restaurants is that they always add tax, service charge. I mean, can't they hide that within the given price?! Like in France, what you see is what you pay?! Adding those tax/service charge makes the whole thing a lot more expensive. LOL; it's a mental thing!

Going to candylicious on the way back!

HA, it looks so real, but i gotta break your bubble. THOSE sweets are fake. Just a photo printed paper inside those tubes! I think it'd be cooler with real ones!

Those cute little stuffs :)

In the end I got one of those cake knife for mum :) They are way tooo cute! They even have one for the icecream scope! But i don't really use a scope, so saved the money for something else!