Maroon 5 Concert


I can never end my day early during the weekdays. Meaning like settling down nicely in front of my macbook in bed! By the time I do, it's already midnight. So I can never sleep early -.- Just like magic that appears, my friend won a pair of tickets to Maroon 5's private concert on monday when on friday (i think) we were talking about if ever we could meet our idols! Unlike her, I am no Maroon 5's fan, either fan of Adamn Levine.

Nothing against him, it's just that i've been listening to kpop ever since I was 14! Consider my preference different! Even if there are zillions of new kpop groups emerging lately, the newst boyband I could ever listen to is Nu'est's Face, which didn't even last long, the newest girlgroup would be 4minute! LOL I didn't bother catching up on new groups! I prefer the older generation! Cut the kpop wave, we're about Maroon 5 here!

For the second time in my life, i'm attending a concert! This one is on a different scale. For the first time, I lived 6hours as those hardcore fans waiting for their idols, just because i'm the awesome buddy who accompany my pal. LOL But I don't think I will do it again, it's so damn tiring! Reached there around 6+pm to see a long queue already! Queued and waited till 8pm before getting into the hall. Like a total noob, there were actually 2 other bands performing before Maroon 5. Oh well, just grabbed my camera and snap photos!

It probably sounds mad, but since I bascially don't know any singers besides Adam Levine, instead of enjoying the moment like some other fangirls, I'm actually staring in awe at the lighting! It makes a really beautiful ambiance that makes me feel like copying the scene in my head. It's my "self color-observing imaginator class". I know it sounds lame, but I can't describe it with other words. I was half listening to the songs, watching how the pinks and blues outline the singer instead! If you remember my fanart illustration of Bleach, it's the mixture of blue and orange- this one is blue and pink! The whole observation thing is so beautiful to me! Even though there's absolutely nothing to do with it! But I think I did enjoy the songs!

Next up some teen band performing, claimed to be the next french U2 band. Sorry, but seriously have to say I don't like the singer at all. Way too many actions for being a rookie singer!

There you go, the important star is out! The Maroon 5! LOL I think the only songs I know are "This Love" & "Moves like Jagger". I'd say that Mr Adam doesn't feel that friendly and kinda arrogant. There was hardly any presentation, I thought it was a little bit rude. Or maybe I am too used to the polite Kpop style. Oh yeah~ By the time Maroon 5 appeared, it was already 9.30! So bascially, we waited from 6 to 9.30pm. It's a free standing concert, my legs were breaking with my pumps!

He seriously has only this favorite pose to sing!

See? It's the same pose again!

And the second favorite pose! Adam only sang 5 songs, the only one I know was Moves like Jagger. Everyone got pretty high with that last song! LAST song! Their performance only lasted for 30mins.

After the song ended, Adam said goodbye with his back facing the audience while walking away. Personally I find that kinda rude. I thought that they would reappear again for more songs, I was wrong. I wasn't the only one who thought of it like that. People will complaining after that.

While waiting for the crowd to disperse a little before leaving the hall. I took a few shots around. I love this picture! ;) They confirmed further that my purchase of my CANON EOS 60D had been great! I'm constantly learning new things, new settings etc etc. If anyone is getting a DSLR, I'd recommend my EOS 60D! I have the 17-85mm kit. I can zoom that much; but I'm quite satisfied with it! I'd love to have a macro lens though!

Back to track! Just when we got out for some fresh air, we found a black tinted van! My buddy wanted to stay and wait for Adam Levine for a signature and a photo. So we waited...

Waiting.... and Waiting......


waiting......... 12+ Midnight........

Still not out. The concert hall was closing, the van was long gone. But it wasn't for the band, but their staff members -.- So yeah, I tested a life of a fangirl! Even if I am a fan of Dongbangshinki or SE7EN, i doubt I'd wait for them like that. Besides I never had chances with stars, so why bother?! I'd just observe them from far and secretly support them by buying their CDs. Afterall, I'm just like any of their other fangirls.

We can't really figure out when they left, because apparently, there's only 1 entrance to the concert hall. So we thought that right after their sloppy goodbyes, they immediately left the concert hall while the MC was talking, catching everyone's attention?! Life of a fangirl is really hard! Now i'm all sleepy headed throughout the week during work time! ;S And again, it's already 1AM!! Goodnight!