Vuitton Cocktail


thinking about how I've missed the cocktail every year! Goodness I've missed out good stuffs! ~_~ Having stayed in France for maybe euh- *lazy to count* (rounding up to) 10years, the first time i stepped into Louis Vuitton was when I was 9. The staff kinda watched me grew up, which seems to be rather cool putting it this way, some total stranger. Ha.. My family is a louis vuitton lover, well less recently. LOL they think that we should put the money for better use instead of splurging on luxurious vuittons. :) This year, upon receiving their oh-so-pretty invitation card; WHICH WAS GIVEN BACK TO THEM TT_TT, i said, no way! this time WE MUST GO! Since we never actually attended their V.I.P cocktails! Then a few days later, they sent their new collection catalogue which was soo pretty too! The event was held earlier today!

I was a litte stressed out, because the invitation card wrote for 2 person, but mom and dad kinda invited our family friends along. All is well ;) We went in together, they welcomed us warmly and said no worries. HA, When I first got there, I felt totally out of picture. Firstly, i feel a little underdressed. -.- They even have a pro photoshoot area with a photographer and instant photo printer. Like WOA! Until Aunty Elise and Uncle Boxter came, I felt slightly better. LOL

With Uncle Boxter, choosing a bag?!

Then it was Dad. He decided to splurge, since he complained about not shopping etc. LOL Actually mum wanted one of the Graphite Damier sling bag. Dad was on for it, for mum at first. But now, it seems like it's for Dad, he's so happy! LOL

Moving on to other sections. Scarves! I've always liked scarves, i've been browsing through their collection online over and over again. LOL Never thought about really buying it until today. Ha; thanks to Aunty Elise actually. She kicked off all our temptation buds

Matching my favorite Sunglasses from the shelf and the pretty RED scarf :) That sunglass, looks like it'd never be mine even if I can save up for it. In Singapore when I tried it, the saleslady told me that it's a male collection. Today, the saleslady told me it's mix. Which made me happier. It didn't matter if it was male, I would want to get it anyway. But then IT WAS TOO BIG D: =_= :/ TT_TT x_x And they dont have size for it. So even if I'm rich like hell, I can't get it either! TT_TT I superrr LOVEE the golden part on it. Oh well, it was never fated to be mine then. On the good side, that means my head isn't that big that I thought; LOL

It's seriously damn comfortable!

Moving on to other section. Looking at their new clutch bags. Damn pretty! LV Monogram vernis with the hugeee Louis Vuitton logo. It's like free advertising. I think it's the logo that's pretty. LOL Mum hesitated a lot, I tried to urge her to get it. LOL but failed, she wanted to take a look at another Toile Damier model from the new catalogue, but then.... apparently their new stocks aren't in yet...

The photo booth section. :D Played around with it. They provided a few bags/sunglasses/scarf for you to pose with, that's how i fell in love with the other red scarf. But in the end I took the other one, since the modeled one looks a bit too.... wise. LOL I prefer drappy scarf that gives you a wilder look; HA!

Aunty Elise and her younger son! Sooo CUTE!

Choosing which photos to print :)

And we're all done ;)

Best cocktail party ever ;) The food was nice. Interesting flavors! They should have brought in some caviars :)

In fact, we stayed almost throughout the cocktail. It started at 11, where we reached around 11.15~ and ends at 2pm. We left around 1.30. And headed to FUFU for some japanese ramen! WOO! Finally managed to drag my parents in there for a bite! Right after, decided to head to Aunty Elise's house for coffee! Tested out her new Dolce Guesto coffee machine. The one i kept pestering mum to buy! HA!!

Next stop, back to home! TT_TT it's like going to Louis Vuitton - Flying up to Heaven. Going home - Descending back to Earth, facing realities and rubbish homework! TT_TT

Muahahha, pretty packaging for my scarf!

Door gifts! In collaboration with Maison du Chocolat. I am little bit disappointed, cuz they used to give those very pretty LV Monogram printed Marble container with fragrance in it, the box is very pretty :) Oh well, maybe I should have expected, it's christmas season, best gifts are chocolates!

Pretty box :) over 100 reblogs at tumblr within an hour! Quite a new record; LOL People really do love louis vuitton eh?

The pretty RED scarf! It was hard taking a nice photo to show the pattern and texture!

Love the drappy feel.. but i can't use it yet. Have to wait till christmas!!!

It'd take a while before I can scan those awesome photos that we took at the photo booth! It's way too fun today :) It's damnnnnn difficult for me to get the mood back to get my bloody homework done -.-