Last farewell


There is it, the last shopping spree in Paris with my parents TT_TT which is a friday night, to help me move all my "home" back to my countryside!

Shopping begins with a 60% discount on Celine shades (yes)

Feet in lift!

On the 8th floor! My second time exploring the Galerie Lafayette's terasse with my camera in hand! Previously, I forgot my SD card in my macbook's card reader (rage)

Magnificent view of the city rooftops :D I'm definitely loving the Parisien architecture. You'll see it later, the building construction is just too neat!

Back down to the streets ;) Can't believe the shock that i had that day. I don't meant any racist views or whatever, I don't even know the proper term for these people, so I'd just label them as gypsies - They are everywhere in Paris. They often approach tourists for a sympathetic look for donations to the handicapped people, those who can't see/speak/hear, claiming that they are under so and so organisation. At first i believed them, for one of them was "mute" - then again, but when I refused to give a donation they started cursing in their language. (wtf) That was my previous experience. This time, it was more extreme. Two gypsy girls approached me for donation. I refused. Yet one of them had her hands crawling into my bag's pocket (whyu) The worse part was, the street was buzzing busy, many people were around. I started speaking really loud and said "Hey you, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" (whyu) The two girls tried to stare me down with their piercing eyes. But it didn't work on me. I merely continuing to say "NO" (rage) Seriously.... I never had such an encounter before. My mother was so super shocked, my dad was already way before us to notice anything going on =_= So yeah, that's one of the things to be aware of when you visit Paris!

Walking down to Place Vendome to take a peek at the new Louis Vuitton boutique! I happened to visit the area before the boutique was opened, and met a photographer shooting photos for Louis Vuitton, but I have no idea what exactly he did (huh) even though it sounds kinda interesting! On the way down the streets, glimpsing at all the window displays of the luxury windows are definitely poisonous! The Cartier building definitely looks pretty!

While mum and I decided to go for more shopping instead of climbing the 30 stories of stairs, dad decided to visit Arc de Triomphe!

I've already went up Arc de Triomphe probably almost 8 years ago. But i do vaguely remember how it was.

Once you're up-

Taadam! ;) See why I said Parisien architecture is so neat? Unfortunately my dad did not have the habit of taken panoramas. It'd be cooler and easier to explain. Looking at all the buildings, all those clean cut lines of the city are so freaking awesome *_* So I guess, this is my farewell to Paris! =3 Maybe I'd be moving there again soon?

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