La Co(o)rniche


Can't believe that i'm 22 already! How i was always dreaming to be an adult when i was younger! But i didn't sign up for most of the shit! LOL I've received a lot of wishes. Even though i still have not found time to everyone- THANKYOU! Especially to the trio birthday song! I feel so loved! I've been wishing for the same thing the past few years~ Oh one part of my wish did come true i guess~ LOL Imma cast aside all my outdated posts and blog about my b-day dinner instead! Dad decided to bring all of us to La Co(o)rniche! It's one of the most famous areas in my country side! It's a very unique restaurant hotel at Dune de Pyla! So for my special day, dad decided to bring us there to check it out! I guess one of the chicest restaurant/hotel of this coastline :) I'm pretty in love with the area! Now i'm hoping for a new chance to go back again!

There's a lot of sections- La Co(o)rniche is restaurant hotel. Somehow the first entrance is the restaurant entrance! So I'm not sure how does the hotel counter looks like! Once in there, there's the internal restaurant sitting - which seems to be close in summer! There's terasse for finger food and wine- and dining sections! Some dining tables are nearer to the dune and the view is just way too stunning, watching the sunset <3

There's a "infinite"-looking pool, which is only for hotel guests. In summer, I doubt you'd get any table if you didn't reserve in advance. Their menu's rather on the expensive side, but it's kinda obvious judging the atmosphere. 

And the food is here! after eating, i'd say that the food isn't the most extraordinary ones. but still good enough to enjoy the wonder view over the sunset and the dune! Grilled Tune steak for mum, Burger for the bro at 26€ (kinda almost feel like a joke) and Grill veal rib for me and dad! I'm actually quite disappointed in the food decoration. It's a two portion serving. But i thought they could at least put in more effort in the food presentation! Unlike french, we asians eat too quickly and didn't have enough time to watch the sunset! While the french takes 3-4hours to dine. What rush are we in?