Japan Expo!


Finally! I'm settling down to blog about it! I'm so lost in time, and japan expo was an event on the first weekend of July! I'm terribly late with my updates! I'd still have photos from the fireworks on the 14 july as well as clementine's visit! Such a terrible blogger! Plus i'm in need to change a new theme! Still can't find the time to get things done! What's sadder is that today is the last day I'd be working at Spill! Then it'd be back to reality, back to crappy thesis and rubbish school! I guess I'd need to be hopeful and expect better stuffs out of my last year in school starting september!

Let's get started with the journey! ***Attention! A lot of photos!!!*** Japan Expo in Paris is held every year on the first weekend of July! It usually starts on thursday and ends on sunday. There's different events on each days. But since all of us are working, so we when on Saturday - the day when everyone's not working Y_Y Really high human traffic! Besides that, there's also an entrance fee at 17.90€ which after my visit, i think that it's kind of expensive. Parc d'exposition is at the outter area of Paris. To get there; you'd need to take the RER instead of métros! Met up with Isabelle and Letty around 8am? But were late! LOL By the time we were on the right track to Parc Expo, you can already spot people in cosplays, highly populated railways - that tells you that you're on the right lane!

We are here!

Japan expo is good exposure for new amateurs to showcase their works! And then came along a booth that creates scenes from animes! I'd say they look super realistic and good!

And when i saw this, my insides go "awwww, nooo! they shouldn't have died!" I mean Ace is such a kick-ass cool brother! You can't imagine what kind of otaku i am crying while watching Ace's death in front of Luffy!

Another pretty decorated booth!

Cosplays! Actually, there are lesser than i thought! I see a lot of Zorro, Luffy, Ace, Assasin's Creed, 2 different Snow and Lightning, 2 different Sephiroth! HA- unfortunately for them, but they totally crash the mighty image of Sephiroth! There's also Squall! Then again... they totally trash it! Which is why I didn't have a lot of photos of cosplays! Then there are booth with specially set up decoration to resemble their storylines - such as this one, which makes me think that they are paid cosplays! Just look at the quality of their costumes!

"Smoker Tai-san"

A little awkward team - When have you ever seen Kankuro and Kakashi together? But they were happily posing for cameras!

A few of the assassins loitering around; Are there premade assassin suits or something? They all look good and realistic enough, and in different colors like White/Blackish Brown!

Ready to enter the medieval age?

Artisan at work! I like how they really set up the whole area. But it's a pity that all their weapons are made of plastic -.- it would have been way cooler if their swords are made with metal. Aye aye, i know it's dangerous, it might kill some one..

The three of us basically walked around the two huge halls visiting different artist booth. Buying some artbooks. Luckiy, the weather is cold and rainy. And speaking of which, because it was raining when we entered the hall, my umbrella was wet so i hooked onto my bag which i'd check every now and then! Until during the author signing; Isabelle spotted that someone had already stolen my umbrella -.- Waited like 40mins for get our artbooks signed by Ein Lee! If you don't know her, you're missing out something! Just click and admire her artworks!

Just by watching her draw makes me go "WOW", i'd never be able to sketch like this!

Since the 3 of us were the second group, I couldn't resist asking her for a photo XD She's so sweet and kind :) That made me look like some ultimate fangirl! But i'm very happy to have met her in person :) Meeting Ein Lee was our last stop! Been up since 7:30am walking around with a heavy bag- we decided to leave! There's even a few Kpop booth in the middle of no where, selling human size pillows with Bigbang members printed on it! Now I'm wondering WHY didn't i take a photo of it? WHY???

Just before leaving, One Piece official booth! People were queuing up to take photo with Luffy on the deck! I just snip my way through to snap photos of Luffy and Ace :)

And lastly; all the teen geeks at the Dofus gaming bar! (If i didn't get it wrongly!) That's it. The end of Japan Expo It had been 4 years that I said I wanted to come. After this experience, I dont think i'd come again thou! One of the main reasons was to get art books from Cafésalé but unfortunately, they weren't present! Much to our shock and dismay! So that's it! I've been to Japan Expo!!