Vuitton Gifts


oh gosh; deadly week. and another DEADLY week to suffer; piles and piles of work; and everyday next week; there's a major submission that'd be dued. i need a miracle! everday when the clock ticks at 8PM, my automatic lousy body clock is making me yawn non stop. and this is serious trouble. if i sleep at 8 everyday; my assignments will never be finished! Does anyone have a magic potion to save me? Or a magic wand and with a flick; my stupid paper catalogue could be done, nicely printed/cut/made into a wire-binded book?

As you know I've got a new camera, setting up a new lightbox. I played around with it and I thought I'd share some photos. These were the memorial gifts from Vuitton's cocktail party previously. I'm still saddened by the fact that I couldn't recover the Vuitton invitation card, nor clever enough to snap a photo of it before hand TT_TT Everyone had their shot. And I took it with Uncle daniel. I don't really know why the photographer separated us into 2 groups. Because Uncle Daniel looked young in his age, my dad joked that i could be his girlfriend :/ Well to clear things up, Uncle Daniel is slightly more that the double of my AGE! LOL do the maths yourself! I think I knew him since i was 12 or something?