2011 in one post!


Well! I definitely had to do this! Happy 2012 everyone! Goodbye 2011! Definitely had to send my goodbyes to 2011! It has been my most happening year so far! I thought of digging out photos but then it's getting late! And sadly; there's school tomorrow! So in the end I decided to dig for photos :) Read on to see my interesting 2011~ 2011 had been quite a busy year!

Especially how i ended my last week of my school term! Super scary! I hope I will never have to handle such messy workload again! 2011 started with my return to France after my end year celebration and visit in Singapore with my macbook crashed! TT_TT

Then followed by my heavy flu/sickness where I was almost absent 1 or 2 days every week for almost two months? If I remembered correctly! D:

I think it was around april when dad changed my car to the awesome SLK :D Oh yes of cuz, I tried to perfect driving the car for my two best friends to visit me in France after euh; maybe like 6years? Toured and played around in Paris; my first travel with friends after all these years!

I went back to Paris again in June! :D For my first ever concert in my 20 years! And met another buddy who travelled to Paris from Singapore; Just the perfect timing! Oh ah! And I gained two VERY IMPORTANT gadgets in my life; Canon 60D and my Monster Beats Studios.

July! Last ever photo session and picnic with Ms Joy; who now seems to forget me totally ever since she left TT_TT (If you're reading this Joy... tsktsk) July had a major event for my family and brought a lot of joy :)

August! I decided to overcome my fear of pop-ups by making not one but TWO handmade photo albums for my two best friends :D I can proudly say that I love pop-ups now! :) And I flew back to singapore for three weeks to visit my granny and my buddies ;D It was really really FUN :) AH! I EVEN had one of my wisdom tooth removed! It freaked me out pretty badly TT_TT

September! I started my forth and Master year! October... the first time ever, out on a school trip after sooooo many years!

November! A road trip finally; after one 1year or 2years?! :)

Biggest event of december, Louis Vuitton cocktail! Very fun and interesting indeed!

So I hope 2012 will be as happening as 2011 :D Hope that I'll be able to do even better in school and continue to produce wonderful design. Become a better person :) Perhaps become a role model for someone? It'd be pretty awesome! That's it, 2011 in one blog entry :) I think it's pretty fun to sum it up like this :)