Happy CNY!


It's the year of the monkey!!!


Ever since I came back from my long break in December, I've been so immersed into my work, barely had time for myself and any other side projects!

I'm ultra sorry to my super slow #giveaway previously. I was supposed to send out the parcel to my winner, Milli Grace on Friday, but my printer had too much to cope, and the delivery has been delayed a week! #ImSoSORRY! I'd really send out asap! I know my printer ain't that reliable on deadlines now. :(

Anyhoos, after that 3 crazy long weeks, I got a break— to go back to my hometown for CNY celebrations with my family. As I've updated on Day.re (yeah I actually found time to do it), my mom made these yummy 发糕,or huat kuey (as Singaporeans say). It basically means "Cake that brings you luck and prosperity". As it's my family's tradition, my mom demanded a #flatlay of these cupcakes. Unfortunately, the angbaos (red envelopes) are empty— they're my mom's collection over many years.

Chinese New Year is all about food right? But I feel like I haven't had my fill of exceptionally yummilicious stuffs. There were lots of cookies and pies. But what I was really craving for, was really good hotpot soup and ingredients. Except I only had it once— and that ain't enough. :(

I really needa up my speed before the year is over, and my Japan travelogue isn't even typed out! I actually have a longgg rant to tell, but I guess I shouldn't pollute my beautiful space here with my nonsense!!

Till then, good luck to myself!

Happy Monkey Year!
Happy Monkey Year!