Happy 2015


Happy 2015Weee!! Before the very first day of 2015 ends, let me wish everyone a maximum of happiness and joy to come, be in great health and all the best in your work or school of 2015. Imma embrace new challenges, try new things, meet more people, BUFF UP MY COURAGE LEVEL. Step across that bloody line! In fact, I think my 2014 had been a very normal year. I mean yes- it's been a very different year, changing status from student to a full-fledged adult (I know I've changed status ever since September 2013, but 2014 is the year I started to live as an adult officially (argh), paying full entrance fees to exhibitions hurts the pocket quite a bit. DAMNIT- Like everyone used to say, I didn't sign up for these shit, all these paperworks (whyu) Overall, 2014 didn't have any major events. So hopefully, 2015 would end with a bang. I have some of my relatives finally visiting me on the french soil. Been out on a few roadtrips - so hang on! A lot of stuffs are planned! Psssss- my first tryout on airbnb apartments is way tooo cool, but erm- we kinda set off the fire alarm because of bacons. HA, literally smoking bacons.

On the best side on the 1st of January 2015- my new portfolio has launched! Pop by carolgoh.com for the new look! Follow up for new updates as well, way too many on-going projects before I can actually put them online.