Goodbye Paris


So i'm continuing my belated posts! Three months were gone pretty fast (bear) I bearly had enough weekends to myself for relaxing! I previously mention that living in Paris is poisonous, so there you see, during these three months i've gotten myself some of these stuffs that I've been eyeing (yes)

These photos were snapped on the last day, 29 July. The day where I was moving out and giving the keys to a new tenant! So while waiting for the rendez-vous I decided to play around (drughappy)

A proper view of the apartment. Just thought that I have not snapped a photo of the kitchen! Nothing's much is missed out anyway; super cram spot for cooking (rage) So if ever I go back to Paris again, I'm definitely looking for a better kitchen!

From the "bedroom" view =3

It turned out that this is my birthday present from dad, even though I did want to pay him back! Thanks! (yes)

A shopping spurge, Celine shades at 60% off, couldn't resist the sale temptations ;)

Putting back how the bed looked like previously!

And off to the highways back home (shy)

Yes the feet photo. In Europe, when families drive out on a long journey, you can often spot feet on car's dashboard. Mum didn't want to take the front seat because of the sun, so here I am, trying to do the same thing. Feet tanning (gangnam)

Home sweet home. Heading towards Arcachon, my sunny countryside :D