Weehooo (yes) I've finally acquired a good compact camera. It's not like I don't like my 60D anymore, which I still love. It's just that sometimes, bringing a 60D to a dinner date with friends seems really out. Plus you know how I love to take photos of food. 60D seems too much, and it can't fit into any small bag. I was eyeing for the Nikon One originally but it was a little over priced from my budget Just kidding, as if i had much budget So after a long time... here comes the smart cameras, Samsung Galaxy Camera. I've read some bloggers raving about it. The price was almost the same as Nikon One when it was released until recently... 

Can't help over the summer sales as well as Samsung's promotion for a "Connected Summer Holiday" with 80€ rebate, which would round up to 250€ for this beauty.

I don't think I'd be reviewing this camera now. I haven't had much chances taking photos with it. I've recently changed my desktop to a shiny black table which have much cons because dusts can be seen so clearly. But it made my workstation look so much classier so I'd just have to clean everyday. Extra decorations such as Marc Jacob's Diasy, has some how become my signature smell claimed as some of my friends. I've been using it for 2years? The red one is a limited edition. The only 2 Chanel nail polish in my nail polish box :D

Though it sounds a bit stupid, but I'm resisting to blog for the moment because I've come up with a new blog theme :) A new icon image- which makes me wonder, should I change my blog name? I've been with the-Exquisisticbox since 2009. Now, my pseudo's often appears as Two Parts of One... Anyhoos, I'm hoping to put up the new theme before updating those ridiculously outdated pretty photos 

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