Fufu Noodle bar


finally! first term break ;)been waiting for a long while. the last week before break is as horrible as always ARGH it's over now; but right now i'm so unmotivated and lost D: A little night out with buddies for a mini reunion, since we are not in the same class anymore!

A super coincidence to meet Claire-marine and Emmanuelle at H&M store. Caught up a little and started shopping together. And i came upon this chapka! Tried on it, and love it! All of them were totally so in into getting me buy this chapka! Eventually i bought it. The only thing would be how would i be using my mega huge headphones?! I tested out whether I could put my dr dre over it. I could, but all the sound is leaking D: Then i thought about it, the next time i get my pay, I'd get one of the beats by dr dre's In Tour earpiece. But they still cost a bomb. 150€++ Oh well, wait a little more...

By the time we reached the restaurant, it was already full house! Had to wait outside for a like 20-30minutes! The wait's worth it though! Had serious trouble deciding between Tantanmen or Ebi Yakisoba. The noodle bar restaurant is called "Fufu". They are famous for their home made ramen, which tastes really awesome, the texture~~ way too nice. In the end, i settled with Tantanmen, because it's a soup noodle and it was kinda cold outside.

It's a japanese noodle bar, so their cook's are mainly japanese. I think the first guy is the main cook. I think... because most of the noodle stuffs, he's the one cooking. Ah, I said that it's a noodle bar, come to think of it, I don't see noodle bars like this in Singapore either, it feels more like the Ichiraku in Naruto. So you just sit in front of chefs and wait for your noodle bowl to be ready!

Their menu. I think that it's kinda expensive considering that it's only for a bowl of noodles. The portion looks huge, and they are the only noodle bar here in Bordeaux, so even if they are expensive, a lot of people still drop by!

Cooking in progress! We ordered gyoza too! For a change to try it out ;)

The little juice and the sauce; ^-^ Thinking about it makes me drool already!


Our noodles coming up!

This is their simplest Ramen for Letty;

Tantanmen for Isa and I :)

Itadakimasu!! =3

Somehow just when we started to eat, other customers finished theirs and ready to leave. We spotted a lonely obachan alone in her corner! Then she spoke to one of the chef in perfect Japanese! I loveeee listening to japanese and korean conversations! They sound soo polite :P Well, then you'd start to wonder, what did this obachan did in her life. She's obviously french, looks like she spent a couple of years in japan?!

Well, then dinner ended...

We slowly walk back to tram stations and head to Isa's house for the night :)