First Snow

snow in paris

snow in paris

Paris opera garnier

Paris opera garnier


First snow, first walk

In my past (-going to) 5 years in Paris, while some winters were chilly, but it never snowed like how it snowed recently. Even if it was lightly snowing, I was always cooped up in the office working on 123456th version of a client's request.

I was luckily walking around the streets that day. I wasn't even expecting snow, but something in me just tugged me to get out my new fur coat (scored it over the winter sales). It was so freaking cold! The fur coat helped so much— of course while spending 40minutes in the cold waiting for my partner in crime.

stagnantly progressing?

Transitioning to a full-time independent designer is completely new to me. I am absolutely clueless at selling myself, but I am confident of my skills. A little lost in everything, I've never been someone with a clever mouth, nor being a social butterfly. I guess it's one of those little things that I'd learn in 2018. I've also began to wonder if Paris is the city for me. As much as I love this place, maybe it's time to move on to a new adventure. I'm giving myself a little more time before anything big happens. 

Would you be interested if I share some super cool projects? It's always a dilemma for me to sort things out between the blog and portfolio (speaking of which, needs an update). Any suggestions fellow designer readers?  

Brand lift;

As you have noticed, it's a tiny new renovation again. Decided to ditch the vibrant blue to a down-to-earth green. Perhaps it's a little too Christmassy vibes, time will tell how much I like this. The logo had a bit of minor cleanup (you probably wouldn't even notice) again and a pastel wash for a softer feel. Though I'm still indecisive, little things will continuously be tweaked around. 

Also do sign up for the newsletter! I've completely re-designed it to fit the new theme and I've planned for a couple of stuffs happening on the blog (freebies / content / visuals) Please look forward to them!

paris opera garnier - look du jour

paris opera garnier - look du jour


Once a while in the middle of an ordinary life, a little bit of snow gives us a fairy tale. 



Le Progres/_ café, brasserie
1 rue bretagne, 75003 Paris

My quartier générale, where I used to have lunch or sit there after work for drinks with colleagues and friends. It's one of the to see and to be seen places. Plus with #PFW coming up, who knows you'd see. GD and CL had been sighted on this street before, but it's not like I have any luck with them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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