Fireworks at Arcachon!


WEE!! and it's the time of the year again! Every year there's two major fireworks display in Arcachon. The first one is on the 14 july, where people celebrates France's National day. The second one which is today 15 Aug ( pardon me! it's already 16 august now!), it's the assumption day, as well as the "FΓͺte de la Mer" - which means festival of the sea! I originally thought that I'd be going alone, since i was pestering my parents and brother to go with me. They rejected me blankly until right at the last moment, they decided to tag along! Yes, I know. Some might say that it's the same every year! But please reconsider! Where on earth would you be able to enjoy 30 mins long fireworks? Where can you see fireworks so close? At the same time, I'm still learning how to snap pretty pictures of fireworks! This time round, I'm fully on Manual mode!

It's a public holiday, summer break. This year's summer in Arcachon is filled with visitors from all over france. It's a funny thing to say, but this year, I've enjoyed three firework display at three different places! In Paris on the 14th July, then 12th Aug from my house and today! Speaking of which, I have not sorted out the photos from Paris! Because Arcachon is so small, car parks reduced. It wasn't easy looking for a place to park our car. So we ended somewhere further towards the docking area!

Almost towards the beginning of the Arcachon beach! Which I have not been before! They even build wooden pave ways for pedestrians and cyclists!

Can't help but to fantasized about having a home right next to the beach! There's a couple of cute little impasse that leads to beautiful cozy gardens behind the little gates which I could only peep of course! :D

Couldn't resist such clichΓ© shots of my golden feet! Aye, this is my most expensive sandals. But they are soft and comfortable! I doubt i'd be able to find any other golden sandals like this!

Finally getting there. It takes almost 10 minutes walking towards the heart of arcachon!

Short desert break before fireworks! I finally got myself a straw hat! Found myself a good deal!

Time to pick and spot to settle down and wait for 10.30pm! Really grateful that they decided to come, even though mum doesn't seem to enjoy it that much! I guess it'd be the first and last time before the next firework viewing with my brother since he has 2 years of military service soon! I guess I'd miss irritating him for the next two years! HA!

Camera settings before fireworks! We settled down at 9.30 and had 1 hour to wait! It felt so long! Then here it goes!

Unfortunately, I'm still a noob at gasping the right timing! And I can't explain properly how the whole display is. It just simply fills up the sky. Where I was sitting, the whole sky that fits into your view is flashing everywhere. My lens were unable to capture every corner! At the bottom of the photo, those rows of poles are the lampposts of the bridge!

Myabe this time, my fireworks looked a little more decent and complete! XD

This one is towards the end. It felt that there were lesser "palm tree" fireworks this year. Instead, they shot hearts and smiley faces into the sky!

Glittery "palm trees"

The last of last shots! Then the 30minutes of wonder is gone! It didn't even felt like 30mins, it ended at 11pm sharp! People started leaving. Opposite the sea, there were other towns who just started their fireworks, booming into the sky! The atmosphere's wonderful. People clapped and cheered, some youngsters brought their radio. Instead of find them irritating, people asked for more!

The only thing left was how to conquer all the crowd back to our car!