Falling ill


Can't believe that when I said I was falling sick, it literally happened in one afternoon. But now I'm all alive and better! :)

Well, it started with running nose when I woke up, then serious running nose in the afternoon, and boom. That night I couldn't sleep at all because my nose was so stuffed that I couldn't breathe. And unfortunately, I didn't have any nasal sprays or effective cold medicine with me. I spent the previous weekend tossing and flipping around on my bed, unable to sleep. This is the first time ever that happened to me. Being unable to sleep, I mean. In my daily chat groups, the first thing I say in the morning never fails to be I'm SO SLEEPY (shy) First time since probably 16 years, I had insomnia for 3 days straight. And I am seriously afraid of having insomnia...

Followed by sudden raise of temperature. In fact, I can't really tell if I'm having fever or not. But based on my own symptoms and how my friends "felt me", I was having fever. Then being an ignorant fool, I went to visit Haut Couture Jewellery exposition at Grand Palais and worsen my condition by the I got home! I finally regain my ability to sleep later that night. Maybe because my body and mind was exhausted, I finally slept. (argh)

This weekend, I'm feeling better! I think I'm 95% back to normal health. Today, I'd wake up with a blocked nose, but so far so good. After one of my morning chats, it caused me to make an awesome brunch because it was the only way to replace those serious cravings of Kaya / Peanut waffles.