Dune de Pyla

The very next day i got back from Paris, I have a new adventure to Dune de Pyla again. It seems like I'd climb the sand dune very once a year. Not a bad idea, the scenery is always so beautiful on top. But this year, it seems like more forests were cleared.

If you don't know about Dune de Pyla, it's basically a super high sand dune around 30 stories high. Each year the dune move inwards by 1meter plus (and i was wrong about the 1cm) because of the wind and waves. Tourists destination drops at the beginning of the dune, which is the lowest spot to climb. Plus, as it is a tourist spot, stairs were made, so tourists climb stairs. But for town folk like me, we don't climb the stairs, we go for a more challenging spot and climb the sand dune. Besides we save parking fees!

On the other side of the dune. Full view of the "bassin arcachon" this sea leads to erm- the North Atlantic sea further out. Before reaching the north atlantic, there's lots of mini sand dune islands. Back on the climbing side, lots of camping grounds and forests! Even though I do feel that there's lesser green areas compared to last year. 

See that tiny track, that's where we came from. We came up from the free zone, there's a lot of people too! Last year, I met an old man who said that only town folks from Bassin Arcachon knows how to come here! But it seems like a lot of people knows this too :D

I've been dreaming about this recently I mean, getting a boat license. Since i'm living in such beachy areas. But the thing is, I don't know how to swim, I can only continue to dream of a boat license until the day when I have time to settle down for swimming lessons. 

Actually this climb was kinda a touring trip for Serene's cousin. So we played around, kicking each other, it was hilarious to get the shots right. I guess after a day under the sun after being in the north for 3 months, my skin got weakened and BURNT!