doodle diary


it's been raining for the past 24hours TT_TT i want mr sunshine to come out!!! on the lighter noteee..... WEEEE! it feels like it has been a year since i've been stuck at version 07! O.O i can't really believe how i managed to do that. So yeah; i'm using all the time possible during this 2months break to get things done. it's not like i don't like 2NE1 girls anymore, yes i still do! their latest Hate U is stuck in my head!! ;) I just wanted to test out something new. Something more personal. Something that doesn't says kpop fan girl "ftw" one hit type of impression. so i came out with this 100% illustration by carol goh. they are purely my drawings/doodles that you'd recognize. if you take out my doodle agenda ;) which makes it 100% Carol; 100% Character 0% Kpop, LOL i've put in effort to animate my doodles for the header! so sit back and enjoy :)

soo, belated updates!

14th july: happy birthday to france

Met up with joooy joy :D My photobuddy. since it's the national day, there'll be fireworks! :) Plus sunset's late during summer. So i kinda took my time on thursday afternoon. Since i kinda got home in the morning after the harry potter night! Since joy moved TT_TT Girl! You till so farrrr away! Going to your house takes so long now -.- Probably take 25mins or something. Prepared our food for the night picnic at the beach. At the same time, it's my first "photo" event with my canon 60D; LOL there haven't been any stuffs going on to take photos. And I wanted to make a heart template for the bokeh effects. But i totally forgot that one of the tools required is a 18-55 lens. While mine was a 17-85 so it wouldn't work at all -.-

HAHAHA; in fact, when searching for Joy's house for the first time... i roughly turned into an alley. But i thought i got it wrong, wanting to make a u-turn until i see 2 singapore flags sticking outside the door! LOOOL; that's before leaving! :) Camwhoring with my car :) Driving with Joy is rather fun :) Both Kpop lovers :) Plus since her house's so much further, we listened to more songs in the car and sing them out a loud! :) Let's go for a ride soon :D When we go Dune de Pylaaaaa :DDD - You better see this!

When we reached Arcachon, i kinda noticed that we were a little late :X streets were flooded with people, restaurants fully seated with people from everywhere. Their colorful dishes and the mouthwatering smell that fills your nose when you walked passed them. But ha- our first aim was to get our awesome ice cream :) Somehow that day's ice cream didn't taste that great O.o Besides, it seems like i can NEVER eat ice cream properly with Joy around. it's been proven the 2nd time O.o

first class seats! right in frontttttttttttt- :)

our food! sushis' made joy's mother, tastes awesome!

fireworks would be set off at the end of the jetty. if you're rich and own your own yacht, just drive there, enjoy your personal fireworks on your own boat; it'd be damn awesome!

then take a look at the amount of people behind?!

waiting for the sun to set!!! meanwhile testing out different settings with my camera. i've gotta say - i'm a total noob -.- i don't know any settings about the camera yet (even now YADA ) so in the end I have a lot of fail shots!

it seems like the town council lacked money this year? or is it the 15th aug is more important than the 14th july? last year's fireworks was awesome. it lasted for 30mins and before the end, they spamed the fireworks as if they were free. all the bright colors filled the sky! this year's 14th july merely lasted for some 15mins. and there weren't a lot of effects -.- which were kinda very disappointing! after 15mins' up people just disparate as if in harry potter! O.O gone with the wind... speaking of the wind, it was rather cold for a summer night >n< wanted to get a hot drink to continue chat session. but the bar/restaurant smelled like vomit =_= yet it was filled with people!!! so we just went home instead.

***sigh*** it seems like its going to be a boring summer. nothing happening seems to be going on. holiday plans got cancelled ~_~ nothing much to look forward to! except the gazillion of plans of what i wanna do! i feel like slacking for a while; but i think linmin might get pissed haha :)