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It's the open house // Journée porte ouvertes at ECV Aquitaine! (shy) Imma skip all my lateness excuse and jump into the real topic! So it's the time of the year again. I haven't been visiting for a while. Since my classmates called me up at the very last minute about unsubmitted work, I thought I'd go and take a look at how my works have been show cased (yes)

It seems like they have changed systems about having open house inviting people to visit and explore works from students. I think there's an open house event every 2 to 3 months, which i'm not quite well informed off.

One of the gadgets that my school is most proud off, motion-sensor device. Apparently ECV Aquitaine is the first design and animation school to be equipped with such high tech materials for students to explore around throughout France. Congratulations students of ECV (yes)

On the second floor, works from Master Two students, meaning ME (gangnam) HAHA it's one critical point to understand that having your works selected for exposition is a highly anticipated way to show that you've done well in school :D Spot my Taiwan Edition Travelogue magazine on the top // as well as my music direction poster of Sophie *_*

I didn't expect this, but our work from the week of Type creation's magazine got exhibited too. Oh yes, the very first one is done by me and my perfect teammate // Typeface labelled Ace of Spade (drughappy)

One of a mise en situation for nude drawing, but obviously not nude to scare off some visitors. Just look at that 24" Cintiq!! It's my dream *_* Future ECV students, sorry to break your dream, but there's only ONE ever 24" Cintiq available in school where only top students are allowed to use, especially my awesome buddy Isabelle. But who knows, maybe they will decide to add more to the ECV gadget collection! But i won't have my hopes too high!

Typography with materials! I'm jealous, I mean why didn't I get to do that when I was younger? LOL

Oh yes, huge bias spotlight on my perfect teammate's solo work on an innovative tee shirt packaging! Mind you, it may look like a simple tube, but the way you open the tube is highly intriguing that it doesn't only make it a tube. Plus after destroying the whole thing, it becomes a garland for decorations :D

Last stop, the multimedia classroom. Oh I do miss this class =3 Thou you are small and hot, after being inside for 2hours, it gets all stinky but lessons were fun chatting with our logic-says-it-all teacher ;)

Voila, that's it. ECV Chartrons. Future ECV Students, if ever you're reading this. If you decide to embark on an ECV journey, it's a contract signed with blood. You'd lose your social life, sleeping hours and maybe even eating hours and pee times. Maybe that's too much but you get the idea, especially first years, they'd drill you like mad for constant submissions. And I made it through! Plus, attending ECV, i'm only living 21hrs everyday because the remaining of the time is used up for travelling from home to school! And I made through, I'm in the LAST and final MASTER TWO! So good luck to future ECV students =3 If ever there's any questions, feel free to ask me! I'd definitely tell you everything and anything!

A little side note. I bought a cheap polarizing filter on ebay to play. Somehow, some of my photos ended up with 4 darkened corners. My bad (whyu) so opps, I'm still playing around! :D