Countryside life


it seems that I've gotten out of bed..

(ノ^∇^)  I know I've left this space again. I've travelled quite a bit recently— hence the lack of updates. My instagram is stagnant despite my increasing gigabytes of photos (・`ω´・ ●) which I've slowly started to sort and pack them out. 

Life has been slow by the country side. I can't even get to the super mart as swiftly as before as tourists flock the roads. Lots of outsiders are coming in to my town to enjoy fine sand and chill waters. I took some time to join free activities by the beach too despite my lack of skills in the water. However I've gained a dozen of weird-ass looking tan lines on my back.

I've made some new friends who were so kind to organise a surprise birthday dinner for me ♪ (。´_●`)ノ┌iiii┐ Being 28 has been okay. Nothing's really changed. I guess when that number hits 30, I may get another 1/3 life-crisis moments. At the moment, I've made peace about being rather free and relaxing. August is always the time to relax #chilllikethefrenchdo. 

My new-found freelancing work pace has been good too. It's a very seductive idea to continue freelancing, but I stay at home too much and found it a little depressing in this sunny weather.


Till then, lookout for new stories!
(p.s. if only that giant maison behind me was my house)



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