Common Ground

First thing to settle for was getting my T Card. I was contemplating about getting a LINE Friends card in a convenience store, but I thought that it was an extra waste of money at 4000₩ so I didn't go for it. Then in front of the machine, I saw it again. It was 7000₩ for 2 cards. I thought that 7000₩ included some credit transport and went for it. Turns out it was 7000₩ for 2 LINE Friends without any credit / so much for saving money heh.  

First stop on the second day— COMMON GROUND
— 200, Achasan-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
To get here, get off at Konkuk University Station on Line 2. From our Crown Park Hotel, it was pretty direct. 

Felicia brought me here, because it's #instaworthy ennuf said. Neon decorative lights and blue containers, I loved it already. Is it me or using containers to build things has become some kinda trend lately? We didn't expect ourselves to stay here for some 3-4hours, which we did:  sipping coffee, brunching on Curry rice and snapping LOTS of photos. So be warned, image heavy post ahead :) I contemplated about getting a tote bag, spending 6000₩ on photo machines, which I thought was quite reasonable. I realised that Koreans seem to love anything french related. I found quite a bit of Parisian-themed stationaries, and little french phrases from Salut to Bonjour. 

Latte & Noisette at Alegria♥ Super fragrant, #perfectchillspot

#seflies101 Cuz casually sunbathing.

Memories worth spending every penny!