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Parc de Sceaux

Paula caught me in Paris during it's best months of the year where almost every corner was blooming in colours. Despite being in the city of lights for 5 years, I have never been to Parc de Sceaux. Neither have I heard of this amazing garden. While I didn't think that I'd leave Paris this year, I definitely made the right choice to spend a brunch session enjoying hanami

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Disneyland Paris

7 years later, I've finally stepped a foot into the magical land. Thanks to Paula, actually. It's been two years since her visit to Paris and she insisted on going to Disneyland. Me, personally— going to a theme park is a waste of money, plainly because I can't take rides. I cannot stomach the dropping sensation when the roller coaster goes up and down within seconds ゞ◎Д◎ヾ

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See you, Paris!

I managed to finally picnic by the Seine! It was actually my first time. Thank Heavens for being so nice to me with the perfect chill weather. Yup, 5 years in Paris, I've never had a picnic by the Seine. So two lovely friends decided to do a last minute picnic together.

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First Snow

In my past (-going to) 5 years in Paris, while some winters were chilly, but it never snowed like how it snowed recently. Even if it was lightly snowing, I was always cooped up in the office working on 123456th version of a client's request.

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