Buttes Chaumont


I'm finally down to blogging! I wanted to do it last night, but i was too tired and my eyes were hurting! :SImma split it into many different sections! But first I'm blog about the latest Parisien Suntanning yesterday! It's a very sad case for me. It seems like i'm always easily forgotten by people here. Originally planned to go to Muji on saturday and maybe getting the possibility to catch a glimpse of Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev etc etc~ The Vampire Diaries cast at Forum les Halles. But I waited whole day for a message from my friend, to know that they spent a bit too much time on their stuffs and literally forgotten about me. Great! So I kinda spent saturday doing nothing. I ended up watching the last episodes of King2Hearts. And i seriously cried a lot watching the end, well~ It did ended well!

I have these super urges to blog these days. I've been wanting to go out and explore Paris with a camera in my hand. I mean, this is the perfect chance right? Yet I can't seem to find the perfect partner to accompany me. Until Sarah posted on facebook to ask who's keen to go out walking on a sunday afternoon! Plan up in a jiffy, within 2hours I was out after I finished cleaning up the house, eating a bit.

We decided to go to Buttes Chaumont, in the 19th District. It's a huge montainy park. I described it as a montainy park because there's ridiculously a lot of slopes to climb! There's also a cave and valley in it. Definitely not your everyday park!

The sun's out, these zillions of people. Every green grassy spot in the park is occupied by people! It actually makes me lost my interest a little. But since i was soo into getting fresh air instead of being stuck in my house~~~

Some parts of the park feels like in Disneyland! We found this bridge -though I have no idea what's the name- that's woody and irony. At first I thought it was all cool and nice~ Until Sarah said, don't you think that the bridge is moving?! And we stopped a while to feel. I was like OMG, IT IS MOVING!!!! I find that the older I grow, the more frightened I get when it comes to heights. I think that's kinda sad. ;(

Meet the beauties! When I said, I don't know how to swim, both of them are so keen to want to teach me! We started searching up on the public swimming pools in Paris. I do wanna know how to swim~ I think maybe one day I would be able to learn to surf? Just a fat hope dream!

Imagine if you live in one of those apartments? I think it'd be superb! Every morning, when you wake up, you'd open the window to have a taste of fresh air and the pretty greenery view. Not like my window, pouuf, I can see right through my neighbor's house. Even though I don't know who they are. Most of the time, the curtains are drawn~

Unfortunately, we didn't go up to this highest point. Just took a view of it at the bottom of it!

Taddaaa! There's isn't any signboard around, but I guess this waterfall is natural.

Spotted a pair of pigeons! It'd be nicer if they were white doves, it'd make the whole scene more romantic!

I said that this place is natural right, look at these peaks, I doubt they are man-made too.

So voila, my sunday afternoon! I can't wait for Tiphaine to come back to Paris to test out all the different bars/restaurants around my house!!! Till then imma put in more effort to blog :) I'm trying to bring my camera out as often as possible! I want to play with my gift polaroid! I haven't been able to use it as often as I want to without wasting the films! Till then!